Paint My Picture...

You should already know my feelings toward fellow fashion illutrators... and at this point in my life... Erin Patson takes the cake. She seems to be a pro with fusing what she sees and what she dreams into one image. I'm now a solid fan of hers.

Sergio [Wonder]

Taste This!

I'm most likely the biggest kids you'll ever meet despite my appearance. After stumbling over this editorial by Ulrich Schroder for Elle Spain, I was just overjoyed that Disney and fashion could meet on one road. Theres  huge part of me that wants to have this entire spread blown up and plastered on my living room walls.

Lets Go
Sergio [Wonder]

Love Interest; Kostas Murkudis

I've discovered yet another interest to add to my list. Berlin based designer, Kostas Murkudis has such a great eye for shape that ties in the lands of luxury and of course, I appreciate him for it. I can almost imagine what his accessories would look like [if he were to delve into it].

Do the hustle
Sergio [Wonder]



System Reboot...

Robot Bro necklaces by Catherine Michiels

Sergio [Wonder]

The Kingdom Is Near

As block walkers and trendsetters..,, we grow to appreciate the vision of another fashion head. Which is why I present to you yet another incredible fashion editorial styled by Guy Hipwell for Fashion 156.

Are You into it?
Sergio [Wonder]

I've Got The Right [to feel high]

I'm addicted to High-tops... and these Zip It sneakers by Marc Jacobswould tickle my obession into a fenzy.

Are these your shoes?
Sergio [Wonder]


Tie Me Down!

Just when I thought I'd seen all the great things that the men's camp at Lanvin could produce, they hit me with these creative tie pins. The day I walk into my office with one of these, is the very day that I just might rule the world.

Sergio [Wonder]

Don't Be Stupid!

My newest obsession for the spring (and most likely the summer) are these shorts by Henrik Vibskov. It's almost as if I'm not allowed to breathe or move without them in my possession. So I'm putting my priorities in order.

Charge It
Sergio [Wonder]