Win My Race.

The Hill-Side S/S '11 Preview from The Hill-Side on Vimeo.

Welcome to The Hill-Side's Spring Summer 2011 lookbook. I've got my eyes all the men's neckwear. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Clip It Good.

It seems as though, fashion heads in major cities have grown tired of the traditional forms of jewelry. Hence why we've seen so many sculptural rings and necklaces in the past few seasons. I'd like to introduce you to the Talon Clip which was hand sculpted by Dilan Walpola. Never seen a more innovative piece. Happy Hunting!

Sergio [Wonder]

Lovely Spaces.

Yet another classic black heel made by Phillip Lim. As if there were any doubt in his gift. 

Sergio [Wonder]


Anthing You Want.

Givenchy leopard print sneakers. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Wild With It.

Don't let bold prints scare you away from a good look. Joy Rich has given us a phenomenal pair of harm sweats that could easily be the change you need in your wardrobe.  Maybe paired with a denim jacket, your darkest pair of shades, you'll be mistaken for a rock star. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Lead The Way.

I'm such a sucker for varsity sweaters. Thanks to Junta Watanabe and his twisted yarn cardigan... I can continue loving. 

Sergio [Wonder]


Up for Supper.

Welcome to the future of your business attire. Raf Simons has created the perfect lace up with the right touch of fun that might not get you thrown out of your own office. Looks like it's time to turn that new leaf you've been talking about. Ready?

Sergio [Wonder]

Bigger Than Me.

Guy Hipwell with Fashion156  created the most amazing men's editorial I've seen yet. It's relatable and practical. #LetsGo

Sergio [Wonder]

Every Man Needs Love.

I've been on a constant search for the perfect double breasted blazer. Thanks to Mauro Grifoni, I might be to put that expedition to rest. Let the prep begin. 

Sergio [Wonder]


Color Me Good.

Although the heavy layering season is slipping away from us, doesn't mean you can't have any one of these nice shawl neck cardigans by Himmy. Like?

Sergio [Wonder]

Carried Away

Aside from style, one thing I will always appreciate about Vanport Outfitters is the impeccable quality of their product. This Asa Lovejoy backpack doesn't only serve as that, but a tote as well. And we all know that if you can wear something in more ways than one, then you've got your money's worth. Carry On!

Sergio [Wonder]

Nudist Colony.

We can't fight the denim jacket. This natural worn jacket by Nudie Jeans will most likely be what you need to pair with your chinos this season. 

Sergio [Wonder]


Sergio+James: 10 Pt.2 (With Ashley Cimone)

Our special friend  Ashley Cimone joined Sergio+James to talk about her work and her experiences as a jewelry designer. Other than her incredible rings, my favorite thing about Cimone is the fact that she's inspired by a warrior and her armor. That's just enough to fall in love. Hope you enjoy the talk. 

Sergio [Wonder]