Tom Ford in 2009

This dude has definitely got my vote. I remember when Tom ventured out on his own, I always found myself questioning why his clothes/bags/shoes/shades were all sooooooo expensive (like ridiculously much for someone hitting' ground zero). But for this approaching season, I can say (with much confidence) that I would drop a couple dollars for Mr.Ford.

I'm am Legend...

I was working my 9 to 5 at Tommy Hilfiger (on the beach) today, doin my regular duties as Visual Merchandiser (lol) and as I was on the second level, my boss comes up the stairs and says "Omar, John Legend wants you to show him how to tie a bow tie." Of course my first reaction was to immediately run outta breath and faint... but duty called and I answered.

"This is crazy" Legend laughed, as he followed my motions. I continued to ensure that it was as easy as tieing your shoe laces. After the 3rd try, I lightly told him to practice... SEND IN THE NEXT A-LISTER!!

For those of you WONDERing why he's in town,John Legend is here in Miami for P. Diddy's New Years Eve Party at the Fountain Blue.

2009: Shine Time

2009 is on it way (we still don't have our hovering vehicles), and I
wanted to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous NEW YEAR! We've all
encountered the good, the bad, and the fugly in '08, but we can only
look forward to all the fantastic things that God has cooked up. GET

Here is something that we all have failed to acknowledge...

I've decided that this year I will...

- Be about my business
- Acquire a wide variety of shoes
- Get rid of my habits of being timid (and shy)
- Be there (more often) for my friends
- Be dedicated (to anything I commit myself to)
- Keep The Creator first in everything that I do

There's so much more to this list, but they're private...(lol)
I'm definitely rocking it out in '09


My Little Pony

Fashion156.com insisted that this Horsie (cut and paste) sweater made by Sibling London is a must have for my wardrobe. Quite frankly, (knowing that I've glimpsed the rest of their collection) I might consider it for a cold day in Manhattan (lol, dreams do come true). There's something about its edge that I can get into. However there's a great fear, that the paparazzi will find me and I'll look back and regret even thinking about it (kinda how Cosby feels about his infamous Coogi sweaters).


Found the Love of my Life...

It may (or may NOT) sound superficial... but I stopped by C.Madeline's yesterday and saw the the jacket of my dreams. A muted blue (authentic) military jacket! Some people choose to save up for a car, a house, or even a trip to paradise.... (sorry to disappoint those counting on me to
do the right thing)...but I'm saving up for THIS JACKET! There's nothing
better than a wardrobe of variety. Get into it!

Na Na Boateng

I've always seen and heard so many great things about menswear Designer, Nana Boateng. But I finally grabbed hard footage of this guy in styled stills... I can't even help but look up to him. I believe he's definitely developed and mastered a classic gentlemen's style. And for a dude of color, it ain't always easy to be seen that way in more than one retrospect. He's definitely got my vote. Boateng for President!!!


Just Shoot Me...Now!

I'm a Karl Lag Fan till I die (because Duh!) Every 3 out of 28 girls should own a pair of statement shoes/heels...and these babies (made by Chanel) need a home! They're just bonkers on a whole 'nother level! Understand? LEVEL!!!

My Fashion: Artist Kapone

I don't think I've ever seen such colorful and inspiring art. This one is being added to the list.


Christmas is over and BOY am I amped about that. But something fairly decent came out of the horrible holiday. My longtime friend Linnie Binns got Kanye's new album as a gift and "accidently left" it in my car. Though the cover didn't seem "yeezie-like" (at all!!) still I lent my satellite ears (lol) to "808's and Heartbreak". To be honest, when I first got word about Mr. West SINGING on the record, I was NOT excited, but I figured everyone has got to try everything at least once (or so it seems). After hearing the album in its entirety, I've decided that 'Robocop' and 'Paranoid' are definitely my all time cuts (in the Kanye timeline of course). In conclusion (lol), I'd recommend it!

Blue Moon...

She doesn't know it, but I'm totally in love with her. I can't help but be infatuated with the fact that her hair is blue... and her accessories are as daring as her personality. IT'S MIND BOGGLING in the best way possible.


This can't possibly make a lick of sense! Designer, Christopher Raeburn has owned his claim to fame by designing and constructing garments from re-deployed parachutes (and other recycled materials). I definitely had a moment when I checked out the nappy-sack (lol). I wouldn't mind carrying tht around... wouldn't give up my men's duffle for it though, (lol, but it's still hotter than life).

What Am I Suppose To Do With This?

Ever since the day I first stepped foot into Topshop on Oxford Street in Central London, I thought there was no other retail company that deserved my time nor my money. I was on Style.com this morning checking out all the Spring 2009 shows that I haven't been able to see as yet... and I came across Topshop's Unique collection which sort of had me in a wondrous daze. Some of the looks are so new that I think I may have panicked (just because I couldn't really imagine what to pair some of things with as quickly as I normally do). But the more that I look at the collection, I keep finding myself saying "I'll give it another minute". Weird right?


Coats for everyone!

It's nice to see that brands like Mackage are devoting their talent and
their passion to designing style-inspired coats for those who feel the
need to stay warm and chic all at once. Its so sad to see chicks trying
to stay warm with bulky yards of fabric (not a very pretty sight in the

Being that am "out of commission" till I get my iBook fixed (I'm reduced
to using my trusty Sidekick LX). I was only able to get a couple fresh
images of their new Spring 2009 collection. Rumor has it, is that they
also do outerwear for men...I'm on the look out folks!


No one likes dirty feet...

Women sometimes have no excuse to be stylish. Thanks to websites like Mod Cloth, there are more than just a couple items waiting to be placed in your wardrobe. These were just a couple things that I found while browsing.


Take me to the Webster

I know I have many many MANY issues (addiction to shopping being one of
'em), but I went to The Webster on South Beach during my lunch break and
saw these Tribal Inspired high-tops made by Yves Saint Laurent. I will
be honest... when I first laid my eyes on em... "WTF!" was my first
reaction, but after giving a second of my thoughts (and my left foot
for a try), my heart grew on the entire shoe (including the tassels -
cuz there NOT JUST for girls).

Now being that The Webster offers the best luxury items for today's "it
girl/boy"... (and definitely replaces that disappointment of a clothing
store; Barney's) I didn't only see just one heart-stopping shoe... but I
also caught a glimpse of these Martin Margiela's (so hot right now).

True Flare

London bred designer, Samantha Cole London, has truly understood the meaning of modern day extravagance. She takes no influence from popular trends, nor does she use the latest news from trend forecasters to her advantage. Cole believes that "there is no limit nor boundaries to fashion, just to ourselves". Its definitely clear that she not only (boldly) challenges the definition of beauty, but summons those to allow they're true style and exorbitance to shine through the surface. After discovering her passion for independence, I couldn't help but realize that she has "traditional tendencies" to evoke somewhat of a royal vibe. I can picture one of the Queens of England (if not one of her fabulous servants) pacing her palace in one of these pieces. If Samantha Cole London takes my breath like this with Women's Wear, I can only imagine what would happen to me (physically) when she decides to pick up the tailor's chalk (and do men's wear)


What a Dork!

I've decided (although I may have said it already) that If I'm going to
do the school boy image, that I'm gonna do it properly. During my lunch
break, I was browsing around looking for Carrera Sunglasses, but on my
search I bumped into these crazy dudes (the equivalent "bad boys")...
on Vintage-Sunglasses-Shop.com and really couldn't contain my
excitement. Cazal Rocks!