Would I Ever?

Albert Elbaz has snatched my attention with this statement dress shoe
which is something you don't come across in this day an age (for men at
least). It reminds me of something that Lestat would've worn in Anne
Rice's Interview with the Vampire (one of my fashion favorites). There's
absolutely no reason why I wouldn't wear these shoes. Oh yes, yes, YES!


Anonymous said...

YES YOU WOULD! oh my Lestat! you so went there! did you ever see queen of the dammed with my beautiful angel Aaliyah?

Anonymous said...

oUCH. fuckin hot!
-tHe rOck

betty said...

please, theres no other way to be fly than to wear this shoe.

Charlie Brown said...

if theres nothing elese to be caught dead in, THIS WOULD BE THE ONLY OPTION MY DEAR BOY