[Just Listen] Areaware

If this doesn't inspire you in some sorta way. All hope is lost (lol). I wouldn't mind having this. Just get it!


Kiss This Tush

I always get orgasms (in spurts) when I see fresh faces portraying cutting edge images, particularly when they're ethnic faces (who likes to see the same standard face ALL the time? Duh!). This time around Tush Magazine dedicated one of their editorial slots to hat designer, Katrin Gerhardy and model, Kine Diouf. And what an effin' editorial it is! My personal favorites are the lego hat and the helmet (so glossy!)

Freshly Kept

[Cover Me] Tilda Swinton on Another Magazine

It was just THAT fly... that I had to spread the word here. Read
complete story at CocoChanelPuffs.onsugar.com


Okay, its Friday, what in the world will we get into today? Or better yet... WHAT DOES THE WEEKEND HAVE IN STORE! Whatever you do Lifestlyers (Life-sty-ler : one who consistently lives their life IN style) be sure
to keep it fresh!


[Love Interest] Johannes Faktotum

Johannes Faktotum showcased his Fall 2009 collection this year at NY Fashion week, and to say the least he's made mark. The consistency may not be as strong as I'd like, but it definitely speaks to me. I've got
my eye on a couple of the pieces. Next stop? I need to know where I can find him!


Walk Like a Man

Our good friend Kraven over at CocoChanelPuffs (go there
now!) sent me these fire cherry red Supras and said "they're right up
you're alley and through your french doors"(lol). Since Kraven knows me
best as a fashion force, I definitely agree. Don't You?

I Want My Nikes!!!!

On February 14, 2008, Kid Cuddi was tasered at the Reebok Party in Pheonix, Arizona.
It was reported that he got into a little scuffle, BECAUSE he wanted to wear his Nike trainers for his performance.
Hmmmmmmmmm....What more can I say.. When you are asked to perform at an event, that is being sponsored by a certain company, shouldn't you abide by the sponsors rules and regulations?? I'm sure that all they asked him to do was to remove his Nikes, for a pair of crisp Reeboks...
Okayyyyy...To be honest, I understand that he wanted to stay true to himself, and wear what accentuates him as Kid Cuddi...But come on now, Reebok Party. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. You're performing at a Reebok event, not a Nike event. Why promote the competition??
Could Kanye's "too big, too wide, too strong, wont fit" EGO be rubbing off our friend Mr. Cuddi???

[All I Do] Is Think of Blue

I was watching Martha Stewart's morning show last week (for some very
ODD reason) and saw that she got her hands dirty with a little bit of spray paint made by Rust-Oleum's All Surface Paint. So of course (me being me), I run over to Home Depot and pick up a couple colors.

End result you ask?
Check out my spray-painted Keds.
Color: Gloss Cobalt Blue

Meet Me At The Water Cooler

I'm not sure why, but for some reason I found this KOR ONE Hydration Vessel (a.k.a "water bottle") to be kinda cool. Would I be seen with it? Just maybe. Get you're "water bottle" now.



We here at Runway Wonderland would just like to take some time to say "CONGRATULATIONS" to

Nicole Richie

who, is expecting her second child with boyfriend from the band Good Charlotte, Joel Madden.

Nicole gets much love and support from us her at RW, because she's beautiful, smart, funny,


From G's 2 Gents? Or Boyz 2 Men???

Is it just me, or does it seem that, there's a rising trend in the Music world, where a number of Hip-Hop's most prominent "HOOD" stars have made recent effrots to clean up their image.
But is that what I am talking about??
Check out this photo of Q-Tip, which was seen in the Dec/Jan issue of Men's Vogue. He cleans up nice doesn't he?
I only remember Q-Tip from Poetic Justice sporting sweat shirts and pants, and a tobbogan hat. Now look at him. I'm impressed.
It seems that many other hip hop moguls have decided to go for a more polished image. Remember 50 Cent's "Sasha Fierce" GQ cover??
Diddy...Jay Z...TI...Kanye West..Ludacris..
They have all dumped their baggy jeans and tall t's, for a more sophisticated look, and addopted closer cut clothings and it suits them well.
Are our boys of yesterday finally becoming the MEN of tomorrow??
What do you think??

Perfect For Your Ego

Okay, I must admit that I DID smirk a little when I saw this tee made
by Public School and probably anyone who sees this might do the same.

Daddy [Likes] Long Legs

Theres no doubting the fact that Christian Cota's Fall 2009 collection is all about the woman with [11 mile] long legs, and I can totally dig that (if the woman actually exsisted). I adore how Cota deliberately went against the grain and saturated this collection with high hems and not a coat in sight. I guess he's an advocate of spreading the gospel of Global Warming. I can hear him now... "Who needs a coat dahling, to be fabulous?!" (lol) Nevertheless, I have no issues suggesting anyone of these looks for a very special night. CARPET IT!!! (all credits to K R A V E N)

I Was Only Doing 40

Its happened once again. No story needed (lol)


All About The Boot

Opening Ceremony launched it's online store today and upon browsing
their men's page, the only thing that touched my brain (instantly) were
these shoes! We're gonna do some digging to discover how Opening
Ceremony has gotten to this point. Meanwhile check out their website

[Chics and Their Trix] Emma Ferguson

Ladies, get your Emma Ferguson "purses" here!

Scrubba Dub Dub

This is why you must always have a partner when you're showering. Photography by Shar Bakka (2005)

Liberty and Justice?

Nike has decided to release a very limitied edition collection of sneakers using Liberty of London Fabrics (a department astore in london who apprently is known for their patterned fabrics). For those of you interested (eww), these kicks are only available at that store (in LDN). Happy Jetsetting!


[Body Bag] Kiss My Face

Here at Runway Wonderland we encourage the living of a rich (not in
USDs, lol) lifestyle. And there's nothing richer than organic products
made by Kiss My Face. I had the pleasure of trying a number of their
products over the weekend and I've never ever in my life felt so
rejuvenated just by taking a shower or using a foot scrub. Particularly
after trying their Olive & Chamomile Bar Soap and Treat Mint Lip Balm, I
can say that without a doubt, KMF has dedicated its brand to those to
wanna live a rich (not in USDs) and green life.

Freshly Kept

In Living Colour

Alright... so I went on to NotJustALabel and found these amazing pictures and got lost in "translation" and can't remember who the designer is (beat me!). The use of the primary colors are refreshing to see (as to wear, I'm sure) and the expressin used in the photos just makes me understand it so much more.