In Living Color.

I wouldn't mind any one of these brogue boots by Himmy.

Sergio [Wonder]

Locked [Up]

YMC Chore Jacket

Sergio [Wonder]

Give Good Love.

Spring is among us and nothing would make us happier than a printed pair of shorts  by MonItaly to show off what we've been hiding all winter. Spread the love!


Don't Question Me

Polyvore really empowers YOUR ability to create whatever your imagination allows. I definitely recommend to all the stylish artists out there that are itching for an creative outlet. Personally, I can't wait until Polyvore has menswear to play with!

Sergio [Wonder]

The Dandettes by Dex R. Jones

I always appreciate an artist that is passionate about their chosen craft. Being introduced to New York based photographer Dexter R. Jones' work has truly been a refreshing eye opening experience since his vision for realism is captured so well. His recent debut "The Dadettes" shines from his very own SirReal project that focuses on the exhibiting his "fingerprint" as a photographer. Follow Dexter R. Jones here.

Sergio [Wonder]

Just Page Me...

 An awesome pair of cropped trousers such as these by Uniforms for the Dedicated, leave so much room striking footwear. Be unafraid!  

Sergio [Wonder]

Smokin' Aces!

Spinal cord cigarette holder made by Dilan Walpola.

Sergio [Wonder]

Chip's Cardigan.

I can never seem to stay away from novelty sweaters. Thanks to Howlin by Morrison, I don't have to... they're just too much fun. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Gone Fishing.

I wouldn't mind a healthy hunt for this "fishing vest" by Uniforms for the Dedicated. It easily adds to refined casual look. 

Sergio [Wonder]


Walk This Way: Grenson

I've fallen completely in love yet another pair of Grenson Fred boots. It's seems I'm just helpless. 

Sergio [Wonder]