Bigger is Better.

Leapord shoulder bag by Celine
Is this yours?

Sergio [Wonder]

See It. Then Believe It.

These Polina goat fur leather boots by Alexander Wang say such a phenomenal statement all on their own. I can only suggest a solid pair of tights, a turtleneck, and a leather vest for your most casual look. Someone is gonna want to take your picture!

Sergio [Wonder]


Hang With Me

Aside from style, quality is everything. This marked cardigan by S.N.S Herning is really something great that the modern gentleman should have. 

Sergio [Wonder]

The Virgo Boy.

I must say that these Lanvin leather and jersey boots are perfect cross between tradition and innovation. I'm  sure they're practical as well. Enjoy!

Sergio [Wonder]

Sergio+James: Series 1

James Field and I have started a new project that we're both incredibly excited about. We haven't exactly gone too far into detail yet... but we're really leading up to a perfect finish. Subscribe to our new YouTube channel if you wanna stay abreast.



All My Love

In case you haven't run into it... I have another blog that serves as the home for all my thoughts independent of fashion and style. You might find more pictures of the random things that I find interesting, songs or video clips that are really stapled to my upbringing. Just things that make me who I am. 
Interested? Click here to check it out

Sergio [Wonder]


Sadly enough, I have a disturbing attraction to leopard prints in odd forms (shoes, rings, earrings, shades, etc.,). So these Christian Louboutin high-tops clearly seal the deal! Wear in moderation.

Sergio [Wonder]

Staple Me Crazy.

You Like?

Sergio [Wonder]

When I Think Of You

Illustrator, Richard Haines, does so much to my mind, that I'm not really able to pinpoint what I love most about him or his work. Click here to see more.

Sergio [Wonder]

Until You Get Enough.

If the set up alone wasn't enough to make you love summer, then the Maharishi's SS2010 collection would definitely do it's job. I've always been a fan of the chic safari image. Why not execute the look in a more modern way? 

Sergio [Wonder]


The Matrix

Shades by Maison Martin Margiela

Sergio [Wonder]

Lay It Down

These United Nude for Iris Van Herpen shoes are so official! There were only 168 pairs made. I suggest you purchase the first pair in your size! 

Sergio [Wonder]


I'm into this tee by YSL incredibly hard. I'd like to meet the woman who'd pair this with a pleated knee length skirt, a dainty belt, and a chunky heel. 

Sergio [Wonder]


High On Life.

Suede and leather high tops made by Ateliers Arthur

Sergio [Wonder]

I'm Ready

Try getting tough with this AR-15 trigger necklace made by B-Side. Immediate cool points will be assessed. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Love Update: Alexis Mabille Spring 2011

I'm never ever disappointed when it comes to Alexis Mabille. Each and every show just gets better in skill as well as in style. I'm more than proud to say that I'm a fan. 

Sergio [Wonder]


Can't See Past My Shades..

Every so often, one will get the urge to update the very thing that draws others to their eyes. Hence, why I think art deco distressed shades by Le Specs are a great way to feel fresher than normal. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Grab Something.

I always love to see a true designer taking a stab at reinventing a classic. This tonal paneled pencil skirt by Sonia Rykiel is truly an amazing piece. Of course, you'd have to let the skirt speak for itself. So try not to overwhelm your look with more frills, pleats, or bows. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Come On Down.

Meet the new black pump made by Lanvin. This can be as casual with a light pair of cropped denim and a tee. Or Red Carpet ready with a body conscious cocktail dress. I see endless possibilities with this shoe. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Kiss My Boo Boo!

For those of us who are perpetually prone to accidents, Cynthia Rowley has partnered up with Johnson & Johnson and produced a range of limited edition Band-Aids.  Other than the fact that these bandages are incredibly designed, I'm more excited about the fact that $1 from the sale of each tin will go to Design Ignites Change, an organization that engages high school and college students in design and architecture projects that address social issues in their own communities. Get your band-aids now and get clumsy! 

Sergio [Wonder]