Light 'Em Up

If these Alexander McQueen geometric leather pumps belong to you, please identify yourself!
Sergio [Wonder]


Minks and Minx

So I have come to the conclusion that the perfect compliment to a fresh Mink coat this fall is a set of manicured Minx nails. I had the pleasure to get my Minx applied by manicure goddess Michina Koide she has manicured your top celebs to my favorite super model Chanel Iman. With so many styles to choose from I went for the Metallic gold set with a leopard exotic twist. My paws have defintely been show stoppers ever since. Take a glance while the light hits them just about right and they will blind you (so serious). You can take Vain to another level and even check yourself out in them :-) Check out Michina's portfolio here

I Have Life!

This has got to be one of the coolest tattoos I've seen as of late. I'm not sure if its just because I'm head over heels for Mario and his super abilities... but thanks to photographer, Tony Lee... I'm inspired to live a much greater life of spontaneity.

Sergio [Wonder]


Slap That Base!

According to Trussardi's Spring 2010 collection, the tribal movement has yet to leave our midst. Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind setting any one of these tribal kicks to the ground this season.
Be True

I Hunt Moose!

The man is up to something extravagant. To see what Photographer and originator Curtis Bryant is up to, click here

Sergio [Wonder]


Just Keep Swimming...

Ever since I was a men's wear design student in the heart of London... I've always thought that the dapper image is the only way to go. Which is why I'm head over heels for these sharp brogue derby boots by Britain based shoe brand, Grenson. I can easily see this being one of the major staples in the modern gentleman's wardrobe which can be worked into each seasonal trend. It's almost as though there's no other choice (even though I know there' plenty).

Just keep swimming
Sergio Wonder
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Run It!

I've come across men's wear designer Casely Hayford and I refuse to turn back. What I admire most about the British brand is that they observe and continue the traditions of the gentleman's attire. Of course with modern alterations here and there, it's all made fresh for today's man.
Long live the Gentleman!
Sergio Wonder

Only Because It's You...

Yet another piece from the Atelier Collection by Parmigiani Fleurier, and this one really gets me to pull out my wallet. How could one resist?

Sergio Wonder


LifeStyler Report: Ashley Leblanc

Name: Ashley LeBlanc
Claim to fame : Founder of LeBlanc Inc. Entrepreneur at Heart for ART
Location: DMV

Who/What ispires you?
I am inspired by daily things most people take for granted. I enjoy dark color but bright impressions. God is who I gain a multitude of my inspiration from. The things He puts within my eyes view is what I draw inspiration from. People and their different personalities give me joy in knowing God created that being. Life is beautiful, rarely accepted for what it is. It uniquely inspires me.

Your Style Icon?
I normally don't use the word icon. I prefer to say my personal muse. If I were living in the 1970s my muse would be Gia Carangi because her style was always on edge as was her life. I have much love for Agyness Deyn because she would be the evolved form of the previous muse. She is very effortless and beautiful.

What stands out in your bedroom/kitchen/Living Room?
In my bedroom I'd have to say my enormous amounts of magazines, newspapers and media on my window seat. I have been collecting them for years now. In my kitchen I believe the pink tea kettle my mother purchased for my grandmother some time back stands out the most. As for my living room my grandmothers old school television that has numbers you can use to dial out on the remote. It kind of creeped me out at first.

So you like to collect magazines, What are your favorites at the moment?
My favorites are Nylon, Elle UK, Vogue UK and Harper's Bazaar UK. I've always been a fan of style and fashion not within the United States. Each night I go to Barnes and Noble's and I pick up a hand basket; grab these magazines and gain tons of inspiration.

Ideal place to eat?
I am a lover of Italian food. I normally do Luigi's in DC (get the cal zone or the tortellini) or Ledo's (wherever I can find one) and I normally get a nice pasta with a Caesar salad and cranberry juice. Once I turn 21 I will try red wine with my food.

Ideal vacation?
I could see myself on the sand at a beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Having a nice daiquiri and snacking on chips and salsa. Maybe a few gatherings with other people and sleeping my nights away on a canvas bed at a resort smelling the air of freshly made empanadas.

You would never be caught dead in..... ?
Anything considered hip hop fashion i.e Baby Phat , Phat Farm, Sean John or any of those brands you find in 'hoodtiques' as I call them. I am not fond of labels, brands or too much materialistic crap, though I do enjoy Lanvin and Gareth Pugh. I don't want to be caught dead in something that doesn't have proper history.

What's more important... bag or shoes? Why?
Shoes are the most important. I believe shoes make a person's unique persona and style stand out. You can wear a trash bag dress and a really nice pair of Oxfords or even a pair of pumps by Marc Jacobs or Salvatore Ferragamo. The thing is shoes cannot be too simple when paired with a simple look. The condition of your shoes allows people to know how well you feel, how mad you feel or how you take care of yourself. Shoes are key.

Favorite pair of shoes in your wardrobe?
I currently own loafers, oxfords and boots. My favorites at present time are my brown loafers. They are very comfortable and I can wear them with a lot of looks. This year I plan to switch. My next pair of favorite shoes will be something by either Lanvin or Burberry.

What will you be rockin' this Spring?
This Spring I am thinking more ecclectic things like, plastic, leather and many other things people don't normally wear. I will most likely do more heels, more skirts, dresses and my hair should be longer. So I will have great hats and possibly no shaded frames for Spring. Designers I am looking forward to wearing are mainly underground. I will do some mainstream gear from Lanvin, YSL, Polo Rugby, Burberry Prorsum and TopShop. I already have most of this look planned out. You will see as I upload more photos to my Lookbook account.

What chapter of your life are we reading right now?
Right now you all are reading the chapter of progression in my life. During the first 20 years of my life there was a hell of a struggle with my identity, finances and many other things. I am coming up on my 21st year next month and I can finally say I've found my inner. For the longest time I despised things like fashion. Then I realized I was always there just not physically. This new year is all about progression for myself and my team. As an individual I have a lot to attain in 2010 which includes all out hustle and bustle. Which I know will return great blessings to myself. This Progression chapter is my baby right now; I need to nurture and handle it with care. Any mishaps and I can be back to the first 20 years of my life. Keep watching me and stop watching tv.

Who's been played a million times on your iPod?
Oh wow, I just updated my iPod. Jade of HGFC New York has been playing in my iPod for weeks now. The " Its My Heart, Cookie" EP has been in full circulation. My favorites are "He Needs Me" and "Beautiful Problems". Her voice is very beautiful. I'd like to see her live one day. Very jazz mixed with neo-soul. Her voice is definitely one to hear. Makes you think of
L. O. V. E

Ideal Life (where are you in 5-10 years)
Within the next 5-10 years I plan to have traveled the world twice, opened 3 LeBlancLeBlanc Inc. headquarters, made thousands of people happier and I should be just about to settle down and raise my family. I plan to be as much of a success as God allows me to be. I know with this progression I am doing now it will pay off in due time. The struggle only lasts just as long as the success. And may God Bless this woman to have her own soon. So I can spread love, happiness and prosperity to all.

Sergio [Wonder]
@Leblanc_ashe (Ashley Leblanc)

See Me? Now You Don't!

Eyewear designer Linda Farrow and Alexander Wang joined forces to create their own work of art. It may not be for everyone, but there is in fact SOMEONE who can kill these shades.

Sergio [Wonder]


Wedding Bellz

Hellz Bellz designer Lanie Barcena has moved beyond her drawing board and collaborated with footwear brand Vans yo create somehting that completes her own brand's image. These kicks for chicks are a everything you need to be for the spring. For the record, I'm in love with sparkly pair. I'd put a ring on it.
Sergio [Wonder]

Creat My Love

I'm infatuated with the Flurry and Salk's Paper Cut Project. This hat, for example was custom made [by them] from paper. A craftman's work is never done.
Sergio [Wonder]


Fly Me To The Moon.

My latest love interest would have to go to Belgium based men's wear designer Julia Kim since she seems to have such a keen eye for what the rebellious gentleman desires to hang in his wardrobe. Although her Aerial collection was influenced by the urbanist who's fascination was airplanes, I can't help but think that these men handed from a time machine. It's incredible! If I had to pick a favorite from this collection I would have to go with the long 3-toned gardigan (and all the other layers).
Don't be afraid
Sergio Wonder

Journey On!

I happen to believe that Sergio Rossi is king!
Long live the king
Sergio Wonder

Back When We Were Young...

I'm infatuated with photography, expecially when it's aged. So when I discovered this spread by photographer Carl Bengtsson for DV Man's autumn issue, I was in fact pleased. This goes up in the archives!
Sergio Wonder


Completely Yours

I'm somewhat glad to see that most of the originators of fashion are moving away from the pyramid stud moment and providing us with something just as edgy. This spiked cuff made by Givency is where the fun is.

Sergio [Wonder]

Put On Your Rubbers!

Ever since the snowy/rainy season camer to New York City we've been seeing the setters show their youthful side with their rubber rain boots. Thanks to Vivienne Westwood, you can sleek it up a bit. Buy Here.
Sergio Wonder

Cold Blood!

What can I say? Sometimes you have to kill it and take no prisoners! Model Shaun Ross was seen in Paris wearing shades by Stevieboy.
Rise to the occasion
Sergio Wonder

Drop Your Weapon!

Accessories play an important role in the life of a LifeStyler... so this silver cone ring by Dvcou2re would be ideal to have in your jewelry box. If you happened to injure someone and charges are pressed... Runway Wonderland will not be held responsible.

Sergio Wonder


Can I Help You?

I happen to believe that perfection comes in all sizes...
Sergio [WONDER]

Save Me

Hand marbled leather jacket by Rodarte
I dig
Sergio Wonder