Lohan Stoops Lower

Lindsay Lohan, fresh off of that strange and desperate collection she co-designed for Emanuel Ungaro (click here to see the damage), is diving deep into the development of her own label 6126.

From the look of this interesting photo found over at popbee.com she's also been diving deep into another designer's portfolio as well... (the sketch is of a piece slated for 6126, the dress on both Lohan and the Model is by Jen Kao, Fall 2009)

Lohan's people say it's merely coincidence... but seriously? Maaaybe if it was just a little black dress, I could've believed that, but there's no way you can knock off a dress featuring a bold and unique geometric pattern front and center and call it coincidence.

Hopefully CFDA President Diane Von Furstenberg and Anna Wintour, who both have been lobbying legislation condemning such copycat activities like this, cry foul and send Lohan and others, especially washed-up celebrities stealing from up-and-coming designers, a message that this will not be tolerated.

- K R A V E N


Fashionista of the Future said...

WOW! I already dislike Lindsay Lohan...this makes me not like her even more.

Charlie Brown said...

Seriously!? Its almost as though she's just completely doesn't pay attention to the fact that she's a celeb (unfortunately) and people form all ends are watching here closely.... for mistakes!!

vivian said...

The garment is amazing. I want one myself. However, I most cry shame. Foul Play..