It's like fresh air

I normally commend those designers that follow no such thing as a trend and stay true to themselves. I found out that designer Bruno Pieters had his own line outside of Hugo Boss, and I think I'd rather let the looks speak for themselves..

I, frankly ( as every one who knows me may already know) , love and appreciate statement clothing, especially when it deals with men'swear, and these pieces [specifically] say more than just "i love fashion", yet " I am fashion!" This metallic button down is definitely something i would wear to buy the groceries.... "can someone tell where I can find the milk?", lol

Style Holograms

Jem and the Holograms wasn't a show that I grew up watching, but when I got the chance to watch the episodes that aired in the early 80's, I WAS ADDICTED! and the reason for this unruly obsession, it wasn't a regular cartoon where every character wore the same outfit every episode (for seasons on end)... THAT'S RIGHT... the girl band changed not only changed outfits very episode, but sometimes multiple times in just one show. Shana, Kimber, Aja, and Jerrica (aka known as Jem) have gone down as style Icons in my book... they're truly (yes, truly truly) outrageous!


Yes we Can!!

This is freakin' (fav word) fantastic! It's a perfect political party dress and it serves as such a wonderful conversation piece as well (no woman nor man should arrive without one). Out
of all the Obama supporters that attempted to turn his face into walking artworks, designer, Castelbajac has got me floored!

In all my years of living in the world of eyewear, THIS would have to take the cake. Mercura, a fresh brand started by Rachel Cohen-Lunning and Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen (mouthful) clearly believe that women should be unafraid to make a statement. Ordinary conservatives should freakin' run and hide! NO FEAR! I've got my eye on the one that looks like broken down and melted legos!

All I need to know at this point is where I can buy a couple pairs...

West gets Worse

Kanye West has always been an [style] icon of mine since he set foot on the scene. I supported the scruffy-duff look for a brief moment... (Of course for the sake of something fresh...) but at this point.. Sir Kanye West is looking more and more like my father each day. Maybe its not something for me to comprehend... but I'm not sure I'm follow his image this time around. Is it 70's meet 80's? Man at sea, but really-supposed-to-be-in-calculus 101? I just DON'T get it!


Bubble Chic...

Okay.. I know this is a little off the charts... But I was with my friend and fellow vocalist Yancy today, running last minute Thanksgiving
Day errands... and of course we decided to do some shopping at the Galleria Mall in Ft. Lauderdale. We popped inside BCBGMaxAzria...and I saw this interesting Bubble Snowman-like (coat length) jacket... kinda similar to the one Kelis Wore in her "Star" video... I know that I was just being silly and spontaneous... but minus the feminine touches.. I thought the jacket was architecturally hot! Of course I wouldn't wear it anywhere else but in Europe, but its definitely a fantasy... anywho.


Glove Love

Newly arrived, Sasha Fierce (ugh) aka Beyonce Knowles has made a comeback not only with a fresh face, alter ego, and new look. but in a custom made titanium space-aged glove designed by Lorriane Schwartz. I thought I admired the idea until she started showing up EVERYWHERE with it!

Anyone who knows me, unde
rstands the mere fact that I am Beyonce fan gone cold, as she recently became a commercial pop singer that has lost my burning interest. The glove kinda reminds me of something that Michael Jackson would've done during his reign as the Pop King. So of course, Beyonce being a die hard Michael stalker, she gives her own twist to the trend by removing one of the gloves -I'll give her the credit - However... what confuses me about this 'over-embracing alter ego' fad, is that I'm trying to understand if when she's wearing it... is she Sasha Fierce then or is she still Beyonce?

Step by Step

These sandals from the Spring 2008 Chanel collection, have brought a new meaning to statement footwear. I understand that most women today choose comfort over style, and normally the resulted look would be, cute day dress paired with a sloppy flip flop. NOW THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE (with the acception of the price) for such foolish decisions.


Rebel Find: An Dukes

In todays world, you come across hidden gems that people don't seem to recognize as it stares them directly in the face. Whether its a secluded spot in the park, a spa or even a restaurant, in this case.... I happened to stumble upon a young style icon in the making who goes by the name An Dukes. Living in Beltsville, Maryland, An draws inspiration from Common, Kanye West, Keisha Cole, & Trey Songz. "Fashion is the only thing i've got", she says... "there is no greater joy to me than IT and everything revolving around it."

Although just a senior in high school she knows that fashion and style is imprinted in her future, "I'm just going to take whatever's thrown at me and roll with it, whether my face is one that's known for being the best at what i do or not."

At such a young age, Dukes loves to make random stops at Vintage Shops and Thrift Stores (with the acception of special pieces from Urban Outfitters and H&M) , because of course only the iconic know that theres nothing better than a vintage piece..... theres just an essence about it that never leaves the seams. I will say I'll have my eyes on this one.


Is it really a red carpet... At the AMA's?

Last night as I watched the 2008 American Music Awards, I found it difficult to not have my eyes GLUED to TV screen, just to see who was wearing what and why. There were a lot of interesting decisions made (style-wise), and of course some that were timeless. Although I always find it a bit amusing how "artists" like Miley Cyrus are career controlling father show up, and believe that they are the freshest thing to touch the floor.

Sir Kanye West was moderately casual wearing his new clothing label, Pastelle. I thought the colored raccoon tail was bothersome. Was I alone there?

Outside of there normal slut-gear, I thought Pussycat Dolls looked great. The fact the "all about leg" look was consistent made me smile.

OK...Chris Brown doesn't normally catch my interest, but he went for a classic dark look with simple touch of "youth" with the vest. Doesn't look 13 years old anymore does he? lol

And of course, I particularly appreciated the high collar on the leather jacket. GUILTY!!!

I was a little confused with the dangling diamond, other wise, Alicia Keys bought my attention with this gown.

t-PAIN-in-my-fashion-ass , looking like an idiot as usual... to each his own right?

As I said before, Rihanna has really grown on me as of late. In my opinion, this dress was cute, when she had her hands in front of it (as shown in the photo above). But without then there... OH LAWD... I thought she was packin' a pee-wee, which was IMMENSELY distracting. Other than that, the gloves were a nice extra touch for her image.

One of my favorite icons, Pink, really took me by surprise with this FANTASTIC gown. And of course her hair in combination with the entire look drove me up the wall with mental erections... (sorry but there's no other way for me to describe it).

Finally, Queen Latifah really widened my eyes, she's stunning!

Born Again Christian

If I've never seen talent before in my life, this has definitely been a enormous eye opener for me. This dude (Christian Siriano, Winner of Season 4's Project Runway) is 23 years old, and has already mastered the gift of glam. Viewing his Spring 2009 collection, I realized that it was only an extension of the abilities he'd revealed on the show. I would've pad MAD money to get a seat at his show for NY Fashion Week! This is definitely a designer that I'll be following.

Heart Written

Was I the only one that thought the new Gucci Ads with Rihanna were a little dry?
Don't get me wrong, she's definitely grown on me as an artist as well as a style icon. but i was expecting soooo much more from Gucci.

Theres nothing more disappointing than a gorgeous woman of color with full potential to be my new obsession , stretching out in what seems to be a gigantic hoop earing wearing a boring white bathing suit, and being swallowed by a 3rd grader's school bag.

What's even more irritating is that the ad campaigns are supposed to BENEFIT UNICEF. (lol) The proceeds are reportedly going towards the towards improving the lives of children in sub-Saharan Africa. ... I'm not sure if i can see the promotion being a positive one.... BUT at this point, I can only wait until the campaign is over. Till then, I'll be keeping some sort of hope alive for the kids in Africa - yet still gagging over the pages of my magazine(s)

We're Here!

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