Glove Love

Newly arrived, Sasha Fierce (ugh) aka Beyonce Knowles has made a comeback not only with a fresh face, alter ego, and new look. but in a custom made titanium space-aged glove designed by Lorriane Schwartz. I thought I admired the idea until she started showing up EVERYWHERE with it!

Anyone who knows me, unde
rstands the mere fact that I am Beyonce fan gone cold, as she recently became a commercial pop singer that has lost my burning interest. The glove kinda reminds me of something that Michael Jackson would've done during his reign as the Pop King. So of course, Beyonce being a die hard Michael stalker, she gives her own twist to the trend by removing one of the gloves -I'll give her the credit - However... what confuses me about this 'over-embracing alter ego' fad, is that I'm trying to understand if when she's wearing it... is she Sasha Fierce then or is she still Beyonce?

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