Why Not?

A. Testoni Bag 

See It! Now, Believe It!

I Adore Naomi Campbell with all that is in me, but I wonder who's going to take over when she is gone? Well my friend Krystal Nichole who celebrates her complexion and ethnicity I feel has what it takes. Krystal stays goregeous doing it all she gives me the swagger of Ms. Campbell but manages to put her youthful vibe into it. Her beauty has caught the attention of a well known Artist and she will be appearing in his promo shots! :-) I will be posting those soon along with an exclusive interview stay tuned! :-) Mean while check her out in Esscence.

I Just Had Breakfast

Its evident that the crest has been the signature finish that triggers
the leading dapper image in men's wear. Whether its a blazer, polo,
v-neck sweater, or a vest...you're bound to get a clean well
complimented look if you happen to get your hands on even just the patch
itself. I saw this sleek blue blazer by <span class="Apple-style-span"
style="font-weight: bold;"><a
href="http://nubian-ave.com/?pid=13145298">Wood Wood</a></span> and
immediately reached for my credit card. Of course, once I remembered the
state of America... I controlled my emotions and just decided to keep my
eyes on this necessary piece. Once things get a bit better... there's no
doubting that my wardrobe will be complete with this blazer!

Freshly Kept

[Remember Me] CALL THE RADIO!

www.youtube.com/v/w174E3pa9OM&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" 
width="425" height="344">

Makes me wanna listen to the radio again.


[Love Interest] Rani Jones

As of late, we've been experiencing a great deal of the "Green" movement that entails being stewards of the earth. You must admit that you sometimes question whether or not it fits into your lifestyle, especially when it come to eco-friendly fashion. Even though it's become quite popular to be apart of the cause, some designers who choose to be eco-friendly sometimes are missing the wow factor for their brand image. London based designers behind the brand Rani Jones  . Rani Patel and Lucy Jones, have clearly decided to bring a luxe image to being green no matter what connotation it may have. Her Spring/Summer collection possesses great classics for anyone who might have returned from 2023 and as we all know the modern image is sometimes the best one. All her jackets are made solely for the woman who holds no fear and seeing them only makes me wonder if she could have the same passion for men's wear (lol). 


I Can Fly!

I have many thoughts about Gnarls Barkley, one of which is that he's a dude with raw talent and an advocate of individualism! This studio performance has made my week! The dude is sick!!!


Take Me Sky High

Lately I've been trying to satisfy my urges to find a fresh pair of hi-tops that compliment what is already living in my closet. Gladly, I found these electric blues by Zuriick (one of my favorite footwear brands).... Search complete


[Love Update] M.E Speaks Volumes!

You may have gotten a taste of Melody Ehsani's shoe collection a few months back when  Sergio Wonder  discovered her undeniable talent to make statement accessories (and you know we love "the statement") Sergio & I share a great love for  her Shoes and I love her accessories since they say so much with  actual words! Thankfully, Eshani fulfills all my comic strip Super Hero fantasies mixed with a bit of Hood Rat ( in the words of Sergio Wonder himself)!  At this point I'll have no issues morphing into "Save-the-day" mode slipping on my pow earrings and a blinged out pair of brass knuckles.Find your pair of POW earrings HERE!

Keri Hilson  wearing M.E.


Because We Live

There are moments when I must stop and come to terms with my life and
it's progress. This morning felt as though I had not yet awakened from a
dream. It may sound cliche, but I was at Starbucks with love and the
state of living and realized that I'm not where I want to be, but not
exactly where I used to be. Though I've been a college graduate for
about a year and a freelance wardrobe stylist for quite sometime... I'm
still not sure which avenues will lead me to my destination point. Still
in prayer and still on the search.


Watch Me Do It

So I may have has a minor crisis yesterday when I couldn't have my tortoise shell aviators, but I happened to have found something way better...Karen Walker shades. They may not be the aviator shape that I'm accustomed to, but they're incredibly code error!

Kept Fresh

I Live on Glamour Galaxy

I must admit, even though I've always had a certain liking towards the Jetson family, since seeing one of the members in Kanye's Heartless music video, it kinda rekindled my flame (lol). Apparently it did the same for Dope Couture , since they've created the Jetsetter collection for all the Jetson fans. Upon seeing their body of work in it's entirety, I can only say how hot I am for their tees (and we know I'm not much a "tee drinker"). I know we're all pretty tired of seeing or hearing about Mr. West wherever we go (especially since he's so damn cool), you've just gotta pay respect when it's due (ha!). 

Freshly Kept

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2009

These are my Top Runway looks For Tommy Hilfigers's Spring 2009 runway collection. In love with any of the pieces? contact me directly at TheflyestStylist@sprint.blackberry.net

The Carpet Is Red

As I've discovered,  it's completely impossible for one to go wrong if they've gotten their hands on a watch made by Borsalino. Their watches are so rich in style and value that you can easily be mistaken for someone who should be in front of the camera as opposed to behind it (for all  the ones solely responsible for the actual person standing in front of the cam, lol). 

Definitely Fresh



Dolce & Gabanna Fall 2007

Would you die without these? 

GQ Style Italy Summer 2009

I'm a Tranformer

I don't know whether to jump out the window or just cry in a corner in the fetal position. I saw these tortoise shell aviators on 80's Purple this morning and almost went into complete shock as I tried to order them. OUT OF STOCK!!! I guess it's kind of comforting to know that there are others out there that share the same taste as I do, but on the other hand, I think I would hate to run into someone who decided to wear them on the same day that I did. What are the odds huh? 


I'm a Heartbreaker Pt. I

The first time I ever experienced fashion power house, Reiss was studying abroad in Central London. Since I had to pass their flagship location everyday, you only can imagine how difficult it was resisting the urge to drop in and shop while on way way to class. Since then, I've been highly pleased  with everything they've produced thus far. Their women's wear is bursting with such youth and a luxe finish, so it definitely something that is to be recognized. I'm glad to see that Reiss made it's way safely to Miami!