Take Me Wherever You Go...

We heard a secret a couple days ago about a new collection by Jimmy Choo for H & M. I didn't want to believe once I discovered that it was a men's collection. Well, lo and behold the Heavens are telling me that on November 14th the good will be available for all to see and purchase.

Mark your calendars.

Take Me!

I instantly feel happy whenever I hear this song.

Stevie is my happy drug

Sugar Love!

In New York City, Ive never seen so many Ice Cream trucks on so many corners of the street. If you're a sugar fiend like me, this is complete heaven. Although the night started to get chilly, there's always a perfect moment for an Ice Cream Sundae with sprinkles.



Work The Net

We fervently believe that the act of networking is one of the most important elements when moving in the business realm. Whether you're passion is in art, make-up, construction, production, fashion, business, or the likes thereof, if you plan to excel in your industry, you must learn and master the art of networking. A couple of months ago, I received what seemed to be a rather important email from Di Di Jiles, a stylist in San Fransisco who noticed that she wasn't exactly "getting the contacts" that were necessary to help her move forward in her career. Of course when someone recently came to me inquiring about the same issue... I thought this would be a great thing to discuss here on RW.

"Sergio, I'm also a fashion stylist living in San Fran and Ive noticed that most of my friends who are in the same field as me, have built a steady book of contacts, but I haven't. I go to networking events or any similar event that I think would be good to go to, so I know I'm on the right path. I consider myself a stylish girl with great looks. Do you think you could give me some pointers on how I can fix this?

Di Di Jiles"

Here I am - First and foremost, you always want to have the confident mindset that you can talk to anyone you choose without any issues. This way you won't be start struck if and when you cross paths with an A-lister.

Everything I am - This is something normally suggest for general advice, but especially when you're planning to network, be sure to be approachable. This simply means to hold back on the dramatic make up, hairstyles, or anything that can potentially distract your "networker" from paying attention to you. The last thing you want is someone glaring at the peacock feathers protruding from your hair than listening to your business proposition. If you're worried about your personality being covered up, no worries... that will shine through with what you have to offer.

Open Forum - In most cases, people don't know how to start a conversation with the person they'd like to network with. The best way to grab one's attention is to give them a compliment. Find something captivating about them and simply tell them how much you adore it. From this point on, be sure to ask open questions (questions in which the answers aren't yes/no). Inquire on their profession, how they got into it, and ask them for pointers (even if you aren't interested), this way you're "networker" will see you as genuinely attentive.

Little Black Book - Last but not least, it is imperative that you not only gather a business card from your "networker", but you give them yours as well. If you don't have one yet, and you're reading this article, you have no excuse since you're using the internet. It's a world wide web about there. Do your research.

I really hope most of you find this information helpful to your future moves. You know where to find me if there may be any more questions/comments/inquiries.



Love Update: Alexis Mabile Spring 2010

Of course, with Alexis Mabille being my newest favorite obsession, i expected nothing less than to be excited with his Spring 2010 collection. The focus seemed to be on the man of his word. I'm not such a big fan of argyle, however his interpretation on how to modernize the print was pleasing. As for the sleeveless blazer? I could only IMAGINE the great things we will do with such a piece.

Find your envelope.

Where You Are...

Who knew that Ann Demeulemeester had it in her to produce a form of footwear that possessed a refined grunge edge to it. Even though it's reminiscent of the classic Chuck Taylors, I still dig these luxury high-tops.



Wang With It!

They say that your choice of accessories can make or brake you. Do you believe it? Alexander Wangs's leather bucket bag is clearly something that would suit the girl who isn't bothered by how the media perceives her image. She adores what she likes, and births trends from it.

Take that

Make a Wish

The first time I've ever caught a pair of Kirkwoods on a woman's feet and it's everything I've ever dreamed of.


Every Woman!

Shot by Jem Mitchell for Flair's September 2009 Issue.

Here and now


My Little Pooooonyyyyy

My latest fix just arrived at my local dealer.... Pony Hair Supra Skytops.... ((squeals with glee)). Several Supras have dropped for the fall and are available at various boutiques and stores around the country and on the web, but these are probably my faves.

No Ponies were harmed in the making of this post... but anyone blocking my way to get these to the cash register may find themselves bewildered, wondering how they ended up tangled in a clothing rack.

- K R A V E N


Never Too Much

I truly believe that you can never have enough accessories. So fellas, go get 'em! This feather necklace is by my beloved Ann Demeulemeester.


Let's Get Together.... And FEEL Alright.

I'm a huge fan of interracial dating... so I nearly "flipped a wig" when I saw this jungle fever tee by The Loots. The fit might be a little too large for me... but I'd still support the cause.

One Love

Love Me Especially Different

After seeing Giuliano Fujiwara's Spring 2010 collection of footwear.... I thought "Margiela meets Lanvin" since its so apparent that his innovative concept channels the two iconoclasts of footwear. I must say that they might even be a little too forward for my taste. However, that just might be why I adore them so much....

Think wisely


Be Original

I know that some of you boys out there want these Adidas Originals, and why not?... They are ill, dope and fresh!