Break Down

I've always wondered how I'd make this happen. 
Sergio [Wonder]

iHeart: Karen Walker!

Sergio [Wonder]

Bag It!

I like to carry around my art supplies is things that aren't necessarily meant for them. This striped pouch made by Tembea's Spring 2010 collection would be beyond perfect for my tools of magic.

Sergio [Wonder]


I've Got Power

Support the movement!
Funk had pendant by BBP

Sergio [Wonder]

Good Spirit

Corduroy shorts made by Shades of Greige. There's no doubt that these are a necessity.
Please Swipe!

Sergio [Wonder]

Love Interest: Chichia London

I've come across yet another outstanding designer that seems to adequately use their resources. Chichia London's latest collection Made is Dar focuses on the sights in Dar Es Salaam in East Africa. Not only are the prints obviously tribal.. but their eligibly wearable [with anything in your wardrobe]. Start the fun!

Sergio [Wonder]


Under Arrest.

Who knew that Karen Walker's accessories would look as good as her eyewear.
Still a fan!

Sergio [Wonder]

I Thee Wed.

Brought to you by Opening Ceremony.

Sergio [Wonder]


We never have to worry about supermodel Naomi Campbell, since she always brings her A game. This editorial shot by Tom Munro for Vogue Russia's April 2010 issue is truly bringing out the best in Campbell.

Sergio [Wonder]


I Can't Stop!

I'm insanely obsessed for this Givency pin. It goes with absolutely everything that I own.
Looks like fate

Sergio [Wonder]

Love Update: Alexis Mabille

It's always the slouchy trouser that makes me want to do great things and as usual, Alexis Mabille never disappoints, especially with his Fall 2010 collection. Although I must say that I have a particular eye on the black blazer with the draped bow detail. Interesting, right?

@Sergio [Wonder]

Pet It....

Maybe these burly haired loafers by Paraboot are your new item for the season.
Get into it.

Sergio [Wonder]

Light My Way...

More footage from the Let's Get Lost spread for Interview Magazine.
Looks like my kind of party.

Sergio [Wonder]


Don't Forget to Fasten.

Keep Quiet.

These Silent by Damir Doma high tops provide the perfect summer vibe for your wardrobe. I cant help but she these with a white pair of dropped crotch jeans. 
Are these your shoes?

Sergio [Wonder]