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I think that there might be a reason to why I gravitate to certain people. Aspiring fashion journalist and friend, Nekala Alexander has sure got the attitude and eye that it takes to succeed in such an image-hungry industry. If you're still wondering what this post is about... I think it's pretty clear that I'm head over heels (no pun intended) over this shot. If we're lucky, we might see Alexander join the Runway Wonderland family in the new year.
Grab it!
Sergio Wonder

Just for Boyys!

One of the reasons why I love accessory brand, Boyy is because all of bags are clearly for GIRLS! Ironic? Maybe. They're A/w 2009 campaign shot my nerves through the roof with it's dark and clean attitude. I believe that my favorite photograph is shot # 5.
Sergio Wonder


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

What exactly is it about the vibe after your shower that makes you wanna schedule a photoshoot? I sure was feelin' myself this evening.

Sergio Wonder


The Devil Wears Prada.. Opera Actors Don't

Miuccia Prada and Karl Lagerfeld are by far my favorite on-the-record activists in favor of skinny, skinny people. I most certainly do not share their views on beauty, but boy, when they speak their minds, you gotta love the brash, pots-crashing-in-the-kitchen-at-4-am delivery.

When given the task of dressing reportedly "curvy" supernumeraries (non-singing extras a.k.a. the costumed people in back) for a new production at New York's Metropolitan Opera, Miuccia was heard groaning: "I cannot clothe them! I need models!"

Thus, the Metropolitan Opera is holding a new set of castings (probably in conjunction with cycle 3,029 of ANTM) to look for a new slew of skinny, model supernumeraries with vacant faces and frizzed hair.

"I only have one headshot left, and the headshot in my hands represents the girl who's still in the running for the Opera's Next Top Extra. The girl who's name I do not call is toooooo fat, and must plummet to her doom from the 20th story window at once..."

- K R A V E N

V Magazine Says "One Size Fits All"

The upcoming January 2010 issue of V magazine features a shoot designed solely to spread an encouraging message to fashionistas worldwide: no matter what size you are, you can still look absolutely stunning (the perfect message for the holiday eating season).

Photos from the editorial can be found at models.com. They feature models Crystal Renn and Jacquelyn Jablonski and was shot by one of my favorite Photogs: Mr. Terry Richardson.

- K R A V E N



Show me you LOVE me like this! No need to wait for Valentines day!
This season Ive been separately loving patent leather and monogram. Which would usually be a crime in my book. Yet, Gucci has revamped their "Boston" bag and created a beautiful nightmare! I dare you to love me!



Look who uses her real finger! Runway Wonderland's own socialite to New York and Miami, Joana has been gone for some time.... but know that she will be back sooner than you think! Until then... ROCK HARD!
Sergio Wonder

Master Relationship

I heard a rumor that Nicholas Kirkwood will be releasing men's collection shortly. I don't know whether I should jump or cry. Meanwhile, we can bask in the glory of this wonderful form of footwear. Long live Kirkwood!
Sergio Wonder


Empty Tea Bag

There's a few of us that believe that Louis Vuitton is now a commercial brand that has become a little too accessible to the masses.... However Marc Jacobs has been doing a phenomenal job keeping the product fresh. His embossed leather duffle bag reeks if a trendsetter that takes no prisoners. Though I may be [literally] sick of seeing the monogram... I'll have to make an exception for this piece.


Could This Be You?

Convertible Pearl shade eyeglasses by A. Morir


Hands-On Freedom

Unfortunately... we don't know who the maker of these trendy Blackberry or iPhone clutches are, but we do know that you can get them here.

Sergio Wonder


No-Name Hobo.

Photographer, Curtis Bryant has recently been working on a new concept centered around the prep-culture that has dominated our society of youth. Using muses Kaysy Gotay, Jillisa Stewart, Cedel Washington, and myself, he's mastered capturing the very representation of what a modern preppy is. With that being said, I'm elated that Bryant even considered be to apart of his vision. Too see more of this story, click here.
Let the innovation continue
Sergio Wonder


Hide & Seek

Who cares about feelings when icon, An Dukes is apart of your life. I have a strong liking for this young entrepreneur and it clearly shows here on Runway Wonderland. If you haven't fallen in love with her yet, my only question is... what the f-word are you waiting on?

Sergio Wonder



I've never seen such an amazing bucket bag that actually didn't resemble just that. Derek Lam's version of the accessory possesses a simple statement that will have your entire circle questioning. But no worries, all you have to do is swipe a grin and tell 'em it was a gift.

Brunch Litghtly


I Am Hot!

Givency Pandora Bag....
Would you wear me?



Ralph Lauren ranger boot

There's no doubt that boots have been one of the dominating trends this season and though we hate to admit things like this, it's inevitable since boots are a staple in one's wardrobe. These ranger boots by Ralph Lauren are perfect for those casual afternoons in the city. Don't be afraid to pair these with a slim pair of [male] tights or dropped crotch thermals.

Sergio Wonder

Man Eater.

When it come's to being the perfect modern day dandy, the style always comes down to and equestrian vibe which is something likes by many. The tailored image will never leave a gentleman's eyes. This Spread by GQ Style epitomizes it all.

Dress Safely
Sergio Wonder