Have Something in Your Pocket!

Consider this my very first post on the great Christian Dior. I normally don't care the post about things that people are already familiar with, but I truly couldn't resist the temptation with these inspiring shades. The double-take is necessary.
Never Be Afraid

Dinner Is Served!

Upon seeing Alexander McQueen's new leather glove clutch from his Fall 2009 collection, I'm nowhere near surprised that it came from such and incredibly talented mind. Institutionalized style patients like myself can count on the visionaries to provide us with the best form of innovation and then the trendsetters to give it life.
Live For It!

He Reigns

Runway Wonderland admits that this sequined YSL jumpsuit is a risky piece to own. But all socialites are welcome rock the worlds of many! Just don't go over board.



Please Read Surgeon General's Note!

Though I don't condone the act of smoking... I must say that Dee & Ricky's cigarette brooch is pretty clever. The brooch-factor is getting a bit out of hand (I won't lie), since there are many who attempt to leave their house ins style. I still refuse to let that interfere with my own choices to be as fly as I choose (lol).
Travel With Care

All I Want For Christmas!

Even though my gut instinct is telling me that this plaid short sleeved woven in meant for the crazed Christmas holiday fan, I have a great amount of faith that this shirt made by 10 Deep is definitely work with the proper layering! Just pull out your black leather jacket, treated denim, and you're freshest pair of Supras and you're not as insane and you thought you were. Happy Hunting Fellas!


Bring The Noise....

On one of my recent shopping adventures with Seneca on Collins Avenue, we discovered this head-turning dusty pink motor vest by Silence + Noise, which is heavily praised at Urban Outfitters and possibly some of your trendy local boutiques. As I admired the tone of the vest, " I wish it were for men" Seneca stated.... and as usual... I agreed. Married to a cocktail dress or even with your tank and shorts, expect to be cooler than cool for the summer in this amazing piece.


Get Outta My House!

Minimarket A/W 2009

Life is Good

Put The Pot Back On The Stove!

Here on Runway Wonderland, Alexis Mabille can do absolutely no wrong since his gear is always fantastically dead on! His handmade bow with the chain detail is seriously an accessory that turns your look up a few notches, whether you're rockin' flats or 7 inch heels... you're bound to feel as amazing as Victoria Beckham with this piece.

No harm done


Kris Van Assche S/S 2010


The Hair and the Tortoise....

I can only imagine how incredibly dapper one would look in these tortoise round specs by Johnston & Murphy. Brings your look to a whole new high doesn't it?


Stay With Me in the Yellow

Acne Tassle Loafers

Bring it to the masses!

I Love Myself!

I remember the day I walked into a boutique on Collins Avenue earlier this year and asked one of the sales associates for any fringed footwear or accessories as I was buying a gift for a friend. Her response was " there will be no more fringe for the summer. Fringe is OUT!" Being that I'd been so fluent in Trend Forecasting, I'd thought that maybe my brain had blown a vessel and skipped a few sessions of what I thought I knew. Just as I'd predicted... fringe is all I've been seeing for the season and I'm not ashamed to say that I own a couple pieces myself. Now ACB is providing us with yet another option for our accessory collection. Their grey suede fringe necklace is great for your ribbed tank and casual pencil skirt. Of course any chick who dares to fringe is an ideal mistress in my book.


Don't Go To Sleep

Daydream Nation Bow Tie Cuff


Florals For Spring? Groundbreaking...

The very first time I ever experienced a playsuit was when our very own Georgina. B informed me that it was her must-have for last Spring. Which only shows me that she was way ahead of the game. Dealing with Georgina only opens my eyes to what might normally be overlooked and I can't possibly pass up this one shoulder floral playsuit by Liqourish. There's simply no other way to be comfortable and chic this season.



I've Got a Crush On You: La Roux

Normally when it comes to musicians... it's their image that catches my attention before their placement in the industry does. Most times, their craft does follow their style, which is why I'm so excited about sharing my discovery of British duo La Roux. Thanks to up and coming vocalist and friend, Giselle, I was exposed to the androgynous styling of Elly Jackson.... who is the lead singer of the band. I'm now super elated to see that more artists are moving against the grain and allowing their "silence" speak volumes!

Eye Challenge You

I've found something new...and just had to share. Von Zipper shades have completely blown away all my other interests and I'm afraid that might only last for a couple days or so. Either way. I'm happy to have experience that great shapes and colors that their camp is pushing.


Where The Clouds Are Far....

We've been introduced to Japanese brand, Whereabouts and now we've no choice but to introduce the smart image from their Fall/Winter 2009 to you.

Keep it clean...


Cartoon Network

Last week, I was completely honored and flattered when visionary designer, iconoclast, and friend, Bobby Creger sketched out an illustration of me based on a photo I'd taken before the GQ Miami Event. I've never seen myself in this form (or medium)... so I'm completely taken by it's interpretation. Knowing how incredibly busy Creger is being London's moving icon... I'm more than elated to see that I've been created into his sketchbook.
Thanks Bobby!

Theres Love Where I Live...

There's a new online magazine on the scene and I'm so glad that they're alive and kicking in our direction. U Mag has a vibrant take on how to live in your wardrobe and how to speak with your life.


Can You See Me?

These 3 quarter length floral pants from Jeremy Scott's Spring 2009 collection is most likely one of the most trendy pieces you'll come across this season. However, there is hope for the gentlemen who walk the streets during the day. Tone it down with a solid blazer, a cotton tank and let the cameras begin to flash. For the ones who tend to let the moon guide your night, pair your pants with a striped tee, your gladiator sandals and be prepared to break necks.

Have fun!


Please Stand Up...

As my love affair with French Fashion Illustrator, Garance Dore continues... I can never get passed how talented her eye for the woman's body is. Dore also possesses the ability to see and portray a woman's lifestyle during moments that are sometimes surpassed...such as, flipping her hair, buckling her heels, or just lighting a cigarette. It's always a joy to see another's interpretation of life.


Shove Your Hope!

In Women's wear, I've be trying to push the growth of the sleeveless trench coat for the summer as it's undeniably one of the best form of layering for the season. There's absolutely no reason why one particular woman could resist the urge to own something as classic as Nude's new must-have. Pair it with your cocktail dress and your completely set for a night in the city. Throw on your jeans, a tank, your best pair of heels, and run wild with your accessories and your bound to stop traffic. For those who feel that they will ever possess the ability to pull this look off... have no fear... this piece is fool-proof.

Have Fun


Know Me!!!

Alexis Mabille is My Lover...

Seeing this look from Alexis Mabille's collection... I know it just wouldn't be summer without a canary yellow cardigan and a classic pair of plimsolls. There's just seomthing about a clean lined layering piece that stands as the force behind all I do when it comes to fashion.


Just a Little Love

I'm always for the contrast of things, whether it be with fashion or just in my everyday life. These apron shoes by B Store are ideally what I'd wear with a pair of seersucker shorts, a v-neck tee and an extra special layering piece, such as a casual blazer (or just my favorite saving garment, the cardigan).

I dig