Hour of Weakness

Givency's leopord sequence from their Resort 2010 collection spoke to me the loudest. Must be the jungle in me.

Sergio [Wonder]

Girls! Girls! Girls!

More images from a visual genius, Antoine Helbert. My favorite piece is the woman dressed in black who's been harassed by Cupid. I can still say that I'm in love with everything that Helbert produces. 

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Kate Cusack's latest zipper necklaces have the slightest tribal effect, and for that reason...I'm really into them

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Love Update: Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2011

When it comes to Calvin Klein, you can really never go wrong.
More Please...

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Save The Day

I found new new favorite pair of Keds. I think I'm ready now.

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Away At Sea...

I'm all about innovative design. There's nothing that excited me more than something orignial. This WAKE tee by Phil Jones can be found at Threadless.
Is this yours?

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The Yellow Brick Road

We have tendencies to say things with sense on twitter.

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In My StarShip...

The Brothers Bray & Co tote
Is this yours?

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I made It!

Togetherness brought to you by Studio Mango.

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Put It On Paper!

Since, I do so many illustrations of others, I never thought I'd see the day when I'd see one of myself. Richard Haines made it possible to see a vision come to life.

Get into it
Sergio [Wonder]


Tee Time Begins Now!

I don't necessarily promote the act of smoking, however when I see a great image... I like to tell people about it. This tee made by Surface To Air is pretty fly. I think I see it with a yellow pair of  [shorter] shorts and a simple pair of Toms.

Love Update: Martyn Bal

Martyn Bal's autumn/winter 2010 collection is pretty simple, but I still see all the items as things I'd love to invest it. Something classic will never do you wrong.

Sergio [Wonder]


Speed Walker UNITE!

This was the smartest thing one could do. If only this were all over NYC...

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Grab It!

Photographer, Adrienne Raquel is still at it and I'm so into how she see life through a camera lens.

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Stop Sneezing!

These distressed leather combat boots by Jeffrey Campbell are completely insane! pair them with your shortest shorts and leave the house immediately...

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Darth Vader Was Framed!

This is probably one of the most inspiring things I've seen all day. See more here.

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