Speed Is Important!

Raf Simons

Don't Stop The Train

It Never Ends....

Alongside Lanvin, Kris Van Assche is another one of my favorites when it comes to the kicks. Innovation meets practicality. How could one resit?

I dig!

I Found My Moose

Over the weekend, Curtis B, a buddy of mine who's currently attending
Parson's New School of Design for Illustration, inspired me to sketch
this image of him... simply because he's such a LifeStyler in my eyes
(how could I resist). Since Curtis B, who also takes the time to run his
blog, www.Moose-Hunters.com with Tina Marquez and Napolian Legacy,
encouraged this sudden tangent to illustrate the muses in my life, I
haven't been able to put my pencil down. So be sure to keep your eyes




Any photograph in black and white is absolutely worth staring at. This
spread, for Huge Magazine April 2008 issue, was daringly classic with the
modern twists that were needed to keep one's attention.

Oppurtunity! Here I come


Look At The Time I Save You....

As much as I love Agyness Deyn with all four of my eyes, I can't possibly see how, as a fashion icon, she manages to roam the streets this way. Normally, I'm loving and breathing for the ground she walks on, but I must say.. I'm flustered with this one. Which brings me to my point on perfect attire..... ATTENTION: No matter how much your shoes/bag/accessories cost or who they are by.. if your actual clothing isn't in the same line as your Michael Kors python satchel or your Dell'Aqua heels... then you've defeated your purpose as LifeStyler.

Don't say we never told you

Such A Jerk!

More work from Giles Deacon's accessory collection.

Felt is Fab is it not?


Alexander Wang is doing his very best to get on our good side. After these denim creeper high-top kicks... I'd have to give in to what I've been fighting for so long. Even though these are specifically made for the female foot... and since these shoes have such a hard-edged masculine feel, I will have no issues attempting to squeeze my 11 1/2's into their biggest size!



I Adore You!

Lately, I've been trying fill my void for military details... I've finally come across someone worthy of my time. New Mexico-born men's wear designer, Craig Robinson has clearly mastered the art of Men's Tailoring by the looks of his Car Coat. Nothing says clean like a well executed jacket!

I dig

More Than a Night

Lanvin Jersey High- Top Trainer



Not Just For Dinner

For the man who likes to treat himself as a prince, there are these delightful slippers by Stubbs & Wootton. They are generally called dinner slippers but you can be sure that you can wear them on more occasions than just dinner these days. Wear them with a smart pair of walking shorts, a fitted jean (cuffed or not) or a nice pant (casual or dress) and don't forget your blazer, collared shirt or just a plain tee. You probably can't go wrong even if you only have the slightest sense of style.

Get em here

They Say I'm Awesome...

Super Models, Chanel Iman and Arlenis Sosa were shot by Peter Lindenbergh for the September issue of Harper's Bazzar to revamp the 40's movement that we're currently experiencing in Fashion.

What a great day

They Say It's Hate!

Of course when trends begin... there is no stopping its flow once the masses get a hold of it's power. Here, Teyana Taylor is rocking these error shades by Married To The Mob and we really don't have to state how crazy they would be in real life!



I Turn Day Into Night

Men's Accessory designer, Gonzalo Fronseca has created Steve Mono which is a brand dedicated to complimenting a gentleman's lifestyle. His simple elliot cotton tote is such classic touch to what I'd normally want to carry around.

I still dig

Oh My Precious....

There is a reason why there's a certain yearning amongst today's gentlemen to own a great variety of "the essentials". Of course by that, I mean the accessories that would be equivalent to a woman's jewelry closet.... they have their earrings and their bracelets while we simply have our tie-clips, rings, and the well-needed watch. Givenchy's gold hard core rings are nothing less than the edge we crave for on a daily basis [as stewards of new style] . I imagine them to be inspired by icons like the regular baa-ass


Love Interest: Philip Sparks

Canadian men's wear designer, Philip Sparks has managed to catch and keep my attention with his Spring/Summer 2010 collection that channels that man of the fifties. His use of materials has a fresh and somewhat daring take to men's wear and though his product may not seem very original [to the untrained eye], it's the spirit of the image that really has my heart.

I dig


Wintour Begins Early This Year

On Friday I will be sitting front row in the lobby of the local Multiplex bedecked in my best fur, boots perfect for darting to-and-fro during fashion week, and chic but stern sunglasses crafted for disapproving tilts that can shut down an entire clothing brand.

The film The September Issue chronicles the creation of the most important piece of lit to hit the fashion scene each year and features the legendary Ice Queen Anna Wintour in the Perrier-fueled flesh with that signature bob that is so sharp in the previews that my heart was ripped out and whisked away in her Birkin.

A must see indeed... though I won't recommend the front row for this one guys.
- K R A V E N

Best of Both Worlds...

I don't care care what the media has to say about "The Lady" or her genitals. SHE is still one of the greatest innovators of our generation. Be prepared to hear the sound.


Make Your Promise

Acne Footwear!


Be Ready

I came across accessory label Vice & Vanity last week while reading Fashion156 and thought... "omg! the accessories are morphing before my very eyes!" And we all know that the choices will only get better as the seasons pass and fashion blogs like us are running around.

I dig


Bang Bang!

For those who have favorably adopted the hobo chic image, Giles Deacon jewelry line by Swarovski is ideal for your accessory collection. Thankfully, Deacon worked his mind to create a way for felt to be a chic as he saw fit. Behold, the work of a true designer!


Finsk Gold fish scale

It's clear that I'm a crazed shoe fanatic since I've been posting a great deal of them as of late. But can you really blame me? Especially coming across these incredible gold fish scale booties by Julia Lundsten's label, Finsk. Quite frankly, I wish there were some sort of blazer made from this material... then I'd really check into someone's mad-house!

I dig

Make Me Love You!

Novella Royale has made it clear to the world that accessories are meant to be seen as an expression and not just something to be purchased. This oversized fringed clutch is too cool to sit at home in the back of your closet. Slip on your strapless jumpsuit and grab your pumps.... the media is waiting.