iDate Super Heroes: Tristan CooperSmith

You've probably heard me mention one my greatest influences in life Tristan Coopersmith, who first served as my boss at Teen People Magazine andf then graduated to being motivating mentor and great friend. Coopersmith has teamed up with her best friend Todd Johnson to wirte MENu Dating, a book on the essentials of dating. When I asked Coopersmith what inspired her write this, she simply told me that she " didn't like the books available for girls on dating." Which I can ultimately agree.

They all encourage women to become something they are not so that men will like them. They also make women feel like their whole focus should be on trying to find a man. Both of these things make me ill. SO I wanted to write a healthier alternative."

So of course knowing Tristan, her book which drops August 18, will have encourage women to focus on their positive assets and what they have to offer rather than trying to attain something that isn't natrual to their persona. Although the book is generally geared towards women.... theres no doubt in my mind that men can pick up a few things from this.

I dig


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