Wintour Begins Early This Year

On Friday I will be sitting front row in the lobby of the local Multiplex bedecked in my best fur, boots perfect for darting to-and-fro during fashion week, and chic but stern sunglasses crafted for disapproving tilts that can shut down an entire clothing brand.

The film The September Issue chronicles the creation of the most important piece of lit to hit the fashion scene each year and features the legendary Ice Queen Anna Wintour in the Perrier-fueled flesh with that signature bob that is so sharp in the previews that my heart was ripped out and whisked away in her Birkin.

A must see indeed... though I won't recommend the front row for this one guys.
- K R A V E N


Sergio Wonder said...

plllleeeease! I need you to bee sitting in tyhe front row with your personal camera crew! I'll get you the pass. lol

Vivian said...

A MUST see...