This Is Serious

This is such a modern classic.. I can't even handle it.


How High IS The Moon?

Here on  Runway Wonderland... we favor the brave and innovative (keyword!). Seeing this snippet of Travis Taddeo's Spring/Summer 2009 collection was super-electric for what my eyes are accustomed to. I dig the avant-garde cocktail dress and the asymmetrical blouse with the liquid leggings. Although I'm not so sure about the micro-mesh knit married to the metallic tube top... It might have the potential to do a little something to me in the near future. Say, with an editorial?... who knows.


It's About Nothing

It's more than obvious that Sid Vintage is a brand that takes their motivations quite literal in  order to produce  a collection that is clear in reading it's innovation. Nanci Bennett, the force behind the California based brand, says that she's moved by screening pieces that she may find in flea markets for beauty that may have gotten overlooked. It's no wonder why her work is so ingenious. She sees the incredible potential of whatever may be lying directly before her eyes. I assure you, that this won't be the last time you hear about Bennett on Runway Wonderland. 



Paint on Me

I won't say anything about this brooch by Kabiri except for here it is! Theres a smidge of an artsy-craftsy vibe to it, but paired with cardigan... you can rule the world.

Ken & Dana Ring

Nothing makes a more chic statement with jewelry than this cubed ring by Ken & Dana. It's so clear that they were inspired by the dimensions that we fail to recognize on a daily basis. With accessories like these claiming a spot in your collection, you can be a classic as you feel. 



I caught this clip of Bob Marley's funeral in 1981 and found it to be pretty interesting. My mother told me that she'd attended and the one thing that she remembered was his children dancing like him.



I'm a Boss!

Seeing Hugo Boss' Spring/Summer 2010 Men's wear collection, I can see that Bruno Pieters is exploring new grounds. Even though he's staying within the fence that is Built by Hugo Boss, Pieters is still keeping true to his aesthetic.

As you may know, I also write for Coco Chanel Puffs with the great Kristopher Kraven. You can read the full story and exclusive Runway shots there.


I Play Video Games

These moccasins made by Arrow are for hr setters, since they are the only ones who can truly interpret these into a relatable form. I appreciate these for what they are and I'm sure the stylers do too. Its new... but it's sure isn't for everyone!


They Call Me Wonder

Here we go with another necessity for the Summer. It's hot, no one wants to wear socks, and God forbid you walk out of your front door wearing a pair of flip flops. These tapered (as well as shortened) pair of trousers by Endovanera have convinced me that I NEED to get my feet in those Ralph Lauren slippers that I've been ranting about for the past two months (I know without a doubt that they will be mine soon). This is a simple piece that can be paired with anything you have in your closet (literally). 

What are the possibilities you ask? White graphic tee and your freshest pair of high-tops or a colored ribbed tank paired with a lightweight cardigan and a pair of driving loafers. And it's a simple a grabbing your tote and your keys and flying though the street. 

I'm a Believer

To The Front!

55DSL Eye Wear No words needed. They're just fresh




My fashionable sex toy for neckwear is slowly but surely make it's way into the lives of others. This ruffled neckpiece by Ka Pow Wow (love the name) has really made a huge statement at the Pixie Market. It's the new generation of bling. I hear the kids now... "Silver and Gold is so out!"

Sign Here....

In some cases, you just cant fight tradition. I saw these sock garters on Cable Car Clothiers, and decided to give them a try. I really wouldn't mid wearing these with pair of breeches. Its he perfect golfer's image.  And of course there's nothing wrong with using them for a great editorial.

I'm Sold

I Want More of You

I knew I just couldn't get enough of Paul & Joe when I looked through their Summer 2009 lookbook that was was greatly inspired by the life at sea. These striped canvas trainers are no less than perfect for this season. Pair them with a pair of shorts or even with your best fitting chinos (that may have a shortened hem) and you're better than good to go. 

Freshly Kept


The Saga Continues....

The harem pant is making is presence known in more online and high end boutiques as the season progresses. It's a proud moment to see that there's variety aboard. These tribal harem pants by Just FM are clearly for the trendy.. and even if we favor the trendy, we'd like to see the many ways a trend can be carried out. Although I'm not seeing much for men anymore... I know there's still hope.

Free Me

We're back with jewelry designer, Fiona Paxton and her awesome work. This gold hand beaded necklace is a innovative act of luxury. Works well with a ribbed tank or even with your hugging cocktail dress. Us gentlemen will have our day soon enough.


[Love Update] Circus Freak!

If there's nothing I appreciate more than a fast car (lol), its a brand that doesn't take their inspiration to literally. Last month we played on the idea of stirring fresh lemonade on the front porch with Pepper & Pistol's Babylon collection and now we've taken a family trip to the circus. I'm entirely elated that there's not a clown suit in sight and what makes me even happier is that they've used one of my ultimate fantasies... a gorgeous woman of Asian decent. I may not be so thrilled that they've morphed her into a pale blonde... but if I can't appreciate the fashion industry for it'sconsecutive transformation... then there might be a real problem.



MJ Reigns on FB

This is how badly I seem to be out of touch with the world if fashion isn't involved. At about 5pm today, my buddy Curtis Bryant informed me that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson was admitted to the hospital due to difficulties with the heart. Shortly after, a text message read " Omg! Michael Jackson is dead!" Unfortunately nothing surprises me anymore, especially when the media is involved. Although I am a bit saddened by the news, it just happens to be apart of life that we don't accept most of the time.


Don't You Cry

"Everything ain't for everybody"... since I stand firm by that saying, I had to pic my 4 top looks from JW Anderson's S/S 2009 collection. I see that he's not the first menswear designer to experiment with the lazier silhouettes that some men like to expose. What I overall appreciated was the cream short sleeved blazer. That's definitely bound to get some play from me. 


Flick! Flick!

I saw this tee by Teamo, and couldn't contain my reaction. Of course you can't act like this tee isn't cool enough to have it shipped straight to your P.O box. It's Terry! 


Love Scene

"This isn't a clothing item
it's an object of creation,"

Safety First

Bracelet by Phillipe Audibert



Respect The Mike

Mike Phil murdered the mic once again at The Vagabond for Stone Groove Tuesday's open mic night. He expressed his views on discrimination against your own kind in 2009. You would think that there was a point of progression... enough so that one could "live freely". But the wake-up call is clear... we've got some ways to go.


Because I Got Hi

Maison Martin Margiela does it again! It brings a fresher face to your kicks.


The first time I'd experienced Andreas Eberharter's work was Beyonce's Cover spread for Essence magazine earlier this year. I couldn't let the opportunity pass without me bringing his work to Runway Wonderland. So hot for any cocktail dress.




...Therefore I GOT. I absolutely love everything by the Montreal-based luxury brand WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie. Previously I brought you guys a passport cover by this brand and now I'm bringing you an iPhone case (it has a pocket for your earbubs, how clever). The case is called the "Portela." I got it in the "burnt henna" color because I already have a black Prada iPhone case. No need for two black cases. The Portela is available in the colors seen above and also in white, green, dark brown and grey.

WANT was created by twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart who also happen to be brothas (gotta support the brothas). The brand is inspired by timeless, functional design classics and was conceived out of a "want" for premium quality leather goods to house the "essential" professional and personal products that we use in our modern everyday lives. It aims to create a balance between a traditional style and a modern compatibility. The brand's core value, identified on its products by its ubiquitous gold & silver zipper, is to achieve unity through contrast.

Photo by David Sidaway of The Montreal Gazzette