[Love Interest] Carin Wester PT.II

Yesterday we introduced Carin Wester's lastest women's wear collection that brought a dynamic approach to the everyday image. Here we are, a day later and we're exploring her works in men's wear. Being that gladior [like] sandals are making it's presence known in men's footwear this season, I can see how these particular looks can all work with that necessity. Once again, we're experience the "lazy" and relaxed drapery even in her men's wear and that can really go far for her as a leader (since she's setting her own pace). Even though I'm not completely sold on the gladiators just yet... I'm could very well be on my way.



hollywood said...

I love it, imma check him out

Mikey said...

This is extremely well done!

Caravaggio Araki said...