...Therefore I GOT. I absolutely love everything by the Montreal-based luxury brand WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie. Previously I brought you guys a passport cover by this brand and now I'm bringing you an iPhone case (it has a pocket for your earbubs, how clever). The case is called the "Portela." I got it in the "burnt henna" color because I already have a black Prada iPhone case. No need for two black cases. The Portela is available in the colors seen above and also in white, green, dark brown and grey.

WANT was created by twin brothers Byron and Dexter Peart who also happen to be brothas (gotta support the brothas). The brand is inspired by timeless, functional design classics and was conceived out of a "want" for premium quality leather goods to house the "essential" professional and personal products that we use in our modern everyday lives. It aims to create a balance between a traditional style and a modern compatibility. The brand's core value, identified on its products by its ubiquitous gold & silver zipper, is to achieve unity through contrast.

Photo by David Sidaway of The Montreal Gazzette

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this is dope! Im feelin the maroon one... nicely nicely