We don't belong to each other

This past weekend, I caught myself watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" which is all time classical favorite in my library, not just because of the flawless Audrey Hepburn but because of her lifestyle accompanied by George Peppard. After I looked passed the glamourous assets behind Holly Golightly's surface, I really took notice to her inability to keep herself focused on any one thing. Though the movie portrays her "dating" multiple men, I refuse to believe that she was an escort to afford her breakfast at Tiffany's. With this thought in mind, I played with the thought of belonging to someone and questioned... "When you're in a relationship, do you in fact belong to each other?" It was hard for me to actually accept the words... so I played a little more. In the film, Golightly  rages to say "We belong to nobody, and nobody belongs to us, we don't even belong to each other." and at this point the light went on. When living an adult life, it's almost mentally impossible for one to belong to themselves. We belong to our professions, our desires, our habits, our loves, and our fears. When in a relationship (or marriage), you belong to just that and not the person. Could I be on another plane? Possibly? Is it a logical argument?... You be the judge...




Mikey said...

Yeah ppl belong to each other, when they want to. Think about it. They call it giving your all. When you give someone something it no longer belongs to you, but to them. When you give yourself to someone, you belong to them. Holly realized that at the end of the movie. That money and the lifestyle she chased was not what she needed. She didn't need things to belong to her. She needed to belong to someone and somewhere. She finally had a reason to buy some furniture and name the cat.

LOL can you tell its my fav movie!

Naturally Sophia said...

You always always belong to yourself if your mind is free. Yes, you can be mentally and physically obligated to something, but it is always at your own discretion. Harriet Tubman once said' : I could have freed thousands more if they new they were slaves". Freedom and belonging is in your mind.