Who Is Corinne Stevie?

Once again, the time has come for Runway Wonderland to promote the incredible linings of the underground world. Last month I was exposed to Miami based artist, Corinne Stevie who's music stands firm against a commercial crowd. My first  experience with Stevie was vibin' to a hook that touched on time travel, which just happened to be on my favorite topics to explore. Outside of her ability to capture me with music, Stevie impressed my concentration by her lyric-matching image. Seizing the opportunity, I managed to cook up an exclusive interview with the artist herself.  

Who is Corinne Stevie?
Corinne Stevie is a person who is really in tuned with herself... creatively.. spiritually and all. I'm the good,the bad and everything in between.

Your music bleeds its own individual persona, what drives you to be such an artist?
The world around me, and of course the friends and family who have encouraged me from the beginning. I started creating art in the beginning because i enjoyed it and it made me happy, but then I noticed it made others happy as well. I feed off of good energy, competitive energy, lazy energy just a lil bit of it all. I've learned to embrace my whole self.

Who are your 3 major musical influences?
Right now i would have to say ,Santigold, weezy, and this Aussie producer named TIMESHARE. He's incredible, cause he really pushes me up to the next level with his production.

What about fashion? How important is it to you and your image?
Fashion is very important, but not really... but it all depends on my mood. Sometimes I wanna catch your attention and somedays I like to go unnoticeable. 

Who are your style icons?
Grace Jones, Miss Jack Davey, and Art school boys

What are you rockin' this season?
A lot of vintage thrift store vintageclothing. As far as footwear I got a pair of yellow doc martins late last year and I got some really simple shoes to paint. But i'm definitely mixing up styles, genres and eras all the time.

Do you remember your first experience with music?
Yes I was in the fourth grade and my music teacher wanted our class to write a rap about education for a contest. So I wrote my lil rhyme and I didn't really think nothing of it. But then the next thing I know i won first place. I had to stand up in front the whole school and read my rhymes it was crazy because I was really nervous but I did it anyway and got my prize. For some reason I never forgot the last line of the rap it went something like "Get your education and your degree". Education has has always been an important thing in my family thats why I'm completing school before I really get into my career.

What do you want peple to recognize you for?
I want to be recognized for bringing the passion back into music and art. I also wanna be recognized for just pushin the limits and doin my own unique thing. I wanna be recognized as one of those people who really know how to express themselves in an interesting way.

Describe an ideal day for Corinne Stevie?
An ideal day for Corinne Stevie is a super busy one. Student by day and Free lance Illustrator, Muralist, and Musician by night.

What makes you happier; people knowing you for your talent or the territory that comes with it?
The sunlight makes me extremely happy, but I love it when people can appreciate what I do.I don't care for the territory stuff.

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dig her style. based in miami? no!