Tie Your Laces

I know that I won't be alone in the thought that when you're dressing yourself as a child... you're not really trying to impress your friends or show them that your latest pair of kicks or bow-tie is fresh from the latest runway collection. Rather, you wanted to prove to your
independence to your parents. I remember whenever my dad would show me how to be a sharp gentleman, he'd tell me that "it begins with what people see before you can show them what you're really about." So naturally, I would carry out the attempts of showing my dad that I could be as sharp as him if not sharper. What I appreciated most, is that he showed me more than just the image, but the actions as well which is something that I'm sure has been lacking in young America. Join the movement



Jack E said...

how are you so incredible? I love this post

Anonymous said...

funny.. my dad never said anything close to that. :(

wecouldgrowup2gether said...

powerful image! old photographs are the best