[Carry Me] Dunlin

Being that I am stronger believer and advocate of of living a Lifestyle.... hense my love (and incredible appreciation) for Dunlin's tote. Nothing says luxury like a dude walkin around with this linked to his hand. Agreed?

[Walk This Way] Kurt Geiger

There's nothing say...just bask!

We Don't Do "Ice" Anymore!

Seeing that there's somewhat of a hidden trend with the creative use of zippers this season, I can completely appreciate this (unisexy) Disaya Zipper Bracelet, as I'm over seeing linked bracelets. Finally!...INNOVATION!

Drama Under City Lights

When I read that a sophisticated version of 'Baldwin Hills' was coming to BET in the form of 'Harlem Heights', I was elated and anxious to see how the stereotypical image of black people would begin to come to a close. From what I understood, the show was supposed to expose young, black, and fabulous professionals on the journey towards . Now, upon watching the last few episodes of the show, I can surely say that I'm disappointed what I've seen because it's just an extension of the drama that often occurs on 'Baldwin Hills' and (dare I say it....) 'College Hill' ..... (Okay.... maybe not AS BAD as 'College Hill', but you definitely see where I'm going with this).

As I expected to see successors and the endeavors...I've yet to see even a complete inch of what I thought I was promised (lol). Instead, I've gotten double dates, kanye's ex, and the traditional he-said-she-said drama. Just when I thought there was hope for African American television...

Kick 'Em While They're Down

H by Hudson slouchy boot.Do I dig?....not completely. Would I rock 'em?.....possibly.


The Almighty Thrift

To Vintage? To Thrift? While every LifeStyler should know and understand the difference between the two..... Never underestimate the power of your local thrift shop. I found this red leather clutch at one of the thrifts in the city and thought "not bad...great in fact!" Since it's not in every visit that one will get lucky. The only person I thought to
appreciate the FIND and rock it till the ages turn, was Joana Marquez, fellow stylist and Miami socialite (you remember her!) I can't wait to see how she pulls it all together, as I know I won't be disappointed.

Style Asylum

You may have noticed that I've mentioned the name Seneca [more than] a few times in the past 2 weeks. Although he stands as one of my style icons and good friend who happens to have impeccable taste in fashion, he also plays as an undercover editor here at Runway Wonderland (lol). Seneca tripped over this insanely made Carlos Campos leather jacket while shopping and I have nothing more to say other than I'm completely impressed with Campos and his work. Great find Sen!

Freshly Kept


King Me!

Jimi Hendrix serves as a style icon and a guru of music to many who believe in his purpose. Flickr user, Iri5 was inspired by vintage cassettes and the universal aspects of musicianship, and as a result..... Ghost in the Machine Sheer brilliance! I dont think I've ever been MORE interested in a tape (lol.)

A Thing Called Swagga'

I'm crazy crazy crazy over these harem-like shirts by Henrik Vibskov. REALLY!! When I reviewed his collection in its entirety I could've just called it all my own with every breath that was mine (lol). The only reason why this piece stood out, is because I've been on a perpetual rampage for these ever since I discovered that labels were making them is fabrications OTHER than linen (I loved Alladin for his courage... NOT his wardrobe)

Freshly Kept

[Carry Me] Leonello Borghi

So I really don't have to do or say much on Leonello Borghi's behalf.... Just that this "Tribal Bag" is on my wishlist.

Fly As You Wanna Be

On my quest to broaden my accessory collection, I found this golden bird's foot designed by Pamela Love. From what I understand, Pamela is known for her bird skulls, human hearts, eagle talons, and other things that seem to be odd aspects of nature (which I rarely appreciate). On days that I want a random kick, I turn to Pamela Love.

Freshly Kept


[Walk This Way] Omelle

It has been said that every woman needs to have a closet full of classic pumps, as trends are subject to go as quickly as they come. I happen to believe that that concept should only apply to those who can't
put themselves together stylishly. It doesn't take much to see that Omelle's Spring 2009 Line-up was designed specifically for the chick with her own mind and style. My association with shoes where the heel of the foot is exposed are normally quite negative, however, with most of these shoes... I'm at a place of peace [with that].

Well well well...look what the Lim pulled out his sleeve. Phillip Lim's Fall 2009 collection really took me by surprise. I normally see things that are more commercial (for the a-listers) and definitely more....elderly. But this fall is something totally different. Its youngER, there's a more diverse shape for the chicks...and she can rock it in any town she pleases. I'm proud (lol).

Tricks Are Not Just For Kids

We love our oxfords and yes we love our boots too. However, we've never seen a blend of the two before in our history of shoe searching. Just leave it to Trickers and anything you experience for the first time will be nothing less than perfect.

Kept Fresh


My Name is Paul Smith

You can never go wrong with Paul Smith... it's really just impossible. The cut is always undeniable and his choice of fabrications and color are never something that you can take your eyes off of. For this particular collection the evocation of the classic dapper male made me realize how much I miss that man (the classically dressed man, that is). We seem to not see him anymore. Instead, we find ourselves glaring at 80's shape and colors (which I can appreciate...but c'mon...its 2009, lol).

Things that make you say "WTF?!?"

"What's with the broach?" they asked... (and I really didn't know what
to say). I sometimes WONDER if I'm the one from another planet or just everybody else (Lol...eiether way, I'd still be the illegal alien)

Hot Wheels

As of late, I've been on the lookout to start collecting a variety of extra "trinkets" to add to my closet. Since I've been a little bored and disappointed from what I've been seeing in stores, I wouldn't mind starting out with this Atlier 11 Car Necklace (available at oki-ni.com), which comes from their Bang! collection. Although the piece has a very youthful take to it, there's no doubt in my mind that it can take a couple turns in the other direction.

Freshly Kept


Touch It Just Like This

Upon reviewing Yoko Devereaux's Spring 2009 collection I've concluded that I am FINALLY READY FOR THE SEASON OF SPRING TO ARRIVE (in style obviously). While every other designer offered its audience bright neons and/or primary colors, Devereaux took his own route with a pale color palette and contrasting neutrals. I'm totally convinced that Yoko Deveraux's swag is...

Freshly Kept

I'm Sold!

Tommy Hilfiger's Canvas & Leather Tote running for a mere $298.Sadly, I'm considering this one over my Etro Python Duffle from En Advance. I swear, I'm dangerously close to rounding up a few pythons of my own to make a couple duffles for myself!

Daily Basis

There's been an unnecessary and ongoing trend for fall 2009 collections...TOO MUCH BLACK (or colors really close to it, lol). I understand that the world is in a frantic, depressing state but God...do we have to dress like it?Though Sophie Hulme climbed aboard that unfortunate bandwagon, she found a way to add her light on a dark journey.

I've Got Your Pin #

There's always something new that we add to our wardrobes that give our image that kick whenever we need it most. While other are still buying their skinnes in a million different washes, I'm proud to say that I've
adopted the broach. My buddy Seneca (who also rocks the hottest broaches by Dee & Ricky) sent me these edge cutting broaches made by Ann Demeulemeester. Subtle trends such as these are such a great addition that can definitely be made fresh with any tailored blazer, casual cardigan, or just kept simple with classic a polo. You can find your broaches at MyPrestigium.com

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