This Just In... The Swacket?

An insider from the design world sent me a media message that had a woman draped in fabric and the caption read "Like My Swacket?" Naturally... I slipped out a couple words unknown to my vocab, because I had no idea what a "swacket" was (lol). Minutes later, I'd gotten email full of info. Apparently, the Swacket is made by a company named Harputs (located in L.A), and it can be worn as a sweater, a jacket, or something that may look like an amalgamation of the two. The garment is surely an innovative piece and can be worn with almost anything. We love it.

Freshly Kept


Mikey said...

Swacket... Hmmmm. Give me a minute and I will tell you if I like it.


Ok so I like it, but swacket sounds like something you regret buying while drunk watching the shopping channel at 3am.

Vivian said...

I cant help but feel like this is a recession garment. It remains me of the fabric yard restrictions during World War II. It forced seamstresses to be more creative and clothing became tighter as a result..the pencil skirt! Maybe a swacket will become a most have as well..hmm