Just Grab It!

Whenever Miami Fashion Week comes around, it always seems to be a
reuniting vibe about the entire event. Designers return with a new face
and look, stylists comb the crowds (and runways) for fresher images and
trends (as well as the buyers do)....and people dress to see and be
seen. Aside from just being at MFW, which is annually hosted by Soho
Studios, the highlight of the event was running into my "Run-In" crowd.
Particularly, my fellow designer and fashion face Evrice Cornelius, who
is the brains and body behind the brand Casey Levan. You'll never know
what sketching on the edge is like until you've experienced this dude
(look out for him on R.W). Partnered with my buddy Seneca & designer,
Gina Quintero, we decided to have an afterparty of our own at the
Delano. Call me a dork if you please, but FUZZY NAVEL KICK ASS!


Vivian said...

OMG..I see some familiar faces

Mikey said...


I was in Philly freezing!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha! my boy!