On the Corner

For some very odd reason, the working woman has always been  on of my direct inspirations. Mainly because there's persistence, success, and life amongst her. Apparently Devi Kroell's Fall 2009 collection has not forgotten the woman who clocks in from  9am-5pm. Everyone wants to be on point when their on the job, true? I see great quality and depth with this collection. I'm not crazy about it... but expecting much more for Spring 2010


Laura Noes said...

i saw the entire collection from the 2nd row. and i think she took it very literal. Her muse was a chick in who owns a huge corporation. Think about the Meade Empire from Ugly Betty.

Mikey said...

i do like this a lot. but i cant decide if its the models or the clothes. i just know they both work together amazingly

Carlie said...

I can appreicate it. The sparkle pants are a little much. But i can see it.