She Hearts Me

One of our greatest LifeStylers, Sierra Luella had to show us some love. I must say that I'm lusting over how Luella takes her pictures. You can clearly see why I'd fantasize about such a vision.

Sergio Wonder


Notebook and a Pencil

It has been said that even a business man needs his dose of luxury and this bi-fold passport wallet by Want Les Essentiels is ideal for anyone who feels the need to live!

Sergio Wonder

3:30 AM Brooklyn Time.

Fashion Illustrator, Richard Haines is still doing magnificent things over in his realm and I can't help but be infatuated with his style of lines. He has such a traditional way of rendering his images yet the styling is absolutely modern (which is probably why I love him so much). Nothing makes me happier than a captivating illustration.

Sergio Wonder


I'm No Superman!

I had a particular moment.... and was forced to share. Please don't be afraid

Sergio Wonder


Man Up!

Did we discuss these already? I don't think we did. As of late, we've getting quite a few inquires about the footwear we used for Priscilla Renea's shoot... and why wouldn't we... these zebra printed platforms by TopShop are INSANE! So if you plan on finding them anytime soon.... I suggest you head out and get them!



Show Me Your Contract!

Only Bottega Veneta would have the brains to do a fringed accessory that's more intricately designed than everything else that's being offered at the moment. Let the fringe live on!



Labels or Love?

Fashion Illustrator, Laura Laine for Plaza Magazine. Her love for long locs of hair never cease to amaze me. She's such a genius!


On The Road Again

For those of you who got the chance to see Alexander McQueen's Spring 20010 collection and weren't able to focus on anything but the footwear. Now's your chance! His Scuba Python De-Manta Clutch seems to possess a great aura that will complete even your most casual look. Even though I'm looking at this accessory.. I can't help but see those amazing shoes.

Trot With Care


Lunch Time

This might be considered a random post for a blog like Runway Wonderland... but isn't that what makes life interesting? I saw this Vintage lunch box and was moved to have a moment with it. I definitely wouldn't mind carrying this around the city.



My Soul Is Thirsty!

As fashion heads, we are continuously looking for something fresher that what we're used to. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that when you have pony hair desert boots by YMC. I can't help but believe that this form of footwear is EXTREMELY hot. Looks like I might be prepared for the Summer after all.


Love Me Sexy

Gloves by Paul Smith.

Stay warm


Because I'm a Lady!

Sometimes you may feel that singer and style icon, Lady Gaga can be a bit strenuous to the eye... but you must admit that she takes a magnificent photograph. Lady G has teamed up with photographer Hedi Slimane to prep for her album "The Fame Monster" that released today. I can only say at this point that I may need the paramedics to revive me once the album is released.


Bath Time!

We already know that one's bag can be the main focus for a person's look.. whether male OR female. This Balenciaga leather bag will surely do the trick.

Stride lightly...

Only In Blue Ink Please....

Once again, we've brought you great bodies of work from history(2008). Photographer, Solve Sundsbo was clearly inspired by Victoria Beckham's image and lifestyle that his produced and 10 piece "collection" of photographs for people like me to drool over.... especially since the military-cap look seems to work ONLY on her.

Carry On


Opera... Get Into It

I experienced my first Dallas Opera performance recently and it was an unforgettable experience...even from the cheap seats on the 5th balcony.

It's very depressing to me, however, that instead of rubbing elbows with creative individuals in their 20s and 30s I was in a sea of Golden Girls and their husbands.

As much as I like wealthy old people, Opera is something that also needs to be embraced by the young and not-so-wealthy as well.

Nothing oozes drama and glamour like a young soprano standing atop a lavish set piece in a flowing gown belting at the top of her lungs--mind you-- without the assistance of microphones! And while the strength to tackle such demanding performances makes singing studio music seem like thumb twirling, these young ladies and gentlemen will never catapult to the fame of a Lady Gaga or Lil Wayne.

I'm happy to say that The Metropolitan Opera of NYC has made it easier to enjoy this craft, one that is dying a slow death in most parts of our countries, by broadcasting live perfomances in HD to theaters around the US.

The next performance is the opera Les Contes d’Hoffmann and it should be amazing. Tickets to your local cineplex for the live broadcast on Dec. 19th should be less than $20... which deeply pales in comparison to a $200+ ticket one would need for some of the best seats in the actual opera house.

Check it out! Even if you hate it, you can say you tried something new.


Fuss & Fight!

Just when I believed that I'd seen everything in 2009, Soomi Park designs an insane pair of LED eyelashes. Gaga fans... start your engines! I can see this being the ideal accessory for New Years Eve.

Sergio Wonder


The Sandbox.

Vivienne Westwood's Spring/Summer 2010 collection is clearly for the man who enjoys a bit of playtime and for course there is nothing wrong with the idea of a little "role play". The image is still fun with the business mind at hand. I'm fond.



I'm a "G" !!!

Kraven, Seneca and I are all die hard Gucci fans as it seems that are always on the proper track to dressing a successful gentleman. For their Spring 2010 collection, the man definitely seems happier about his wardrobe this season and who wouldn't !?

Bags for everyone

Gimme The Keys!

From when we first were exposed to Natalia Brilli's embossed leather collection last season... we've been completely mesmerized by her gift. She's continued to make amazing things like this leather bracelet that looks like a classic Rolex. Don't be fooled... just be cool



Fame Means Nothing.

There is something to be said about the power of vanity. Though it may be seen in such an interestingly negative light, the behavior is adopted by many who clearly unaware of how the rest of the world perceives them. As humans, we're supposed to love ourselves before we're capable of loving another. But how much love can we give ourselves? How much is too much?


If Only You Knew.

Photographer, Steven Meisel is known for not only having a great vision, but delivering it extremely well. This body of work with Sisilee Lopez done in 2008 says so much as an image to us creative-types. I definitely see a couple of these shots being blown up and placed in my living room.