Opera... Get Into It

I experienced my first Dallas Opera performance recently and it was an unforgettable experience...even from the cheap seats on the 5th balcony.

It's very depressing to me, however, that instead of rubbing elbows with creative individuals in their 20s and 30s I was in a sea of Golden Girls and their husbands.

As much as I like wealthy old people, Opera is something that also needs to be embraced by the young and not-so-wealthy as well.

Nothing oozes drama and glamour like a young soprano standing atop a lavish set piece in a flowing gown belting at the top of her lungs--mind you-- without the assistance of microphones! And while the strength to tackle such demanding performances makes singing studio music seem like thumb twirling, these young ladies and gentlemen will never catapult to the fame of a Lady Gaga or Lil Wayne.

I'm happy to say that The Metropolitan Opera of NYC has made it easier to enjoy this craft, one that is dying a slow death in most parts of our countries, by broadcasting live perfomances in HD to theaters around the US.

The next performance is the opera Les Contes d’Hoffmann and it should be amazing. Tickets to your local cineplex for the live broadcast on Dec. 19th should be less than $20... which deeply pales in comparison to a $200+ ticket one would need for some of the best seats in the actual opera house.

Check it out! Even if you hate it, you can say you tried something new.


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