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Costume National Spring/Summer 2011
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Sergio [Wonder]

Love Interest: Chauncey

I cant fight my love for a slouchy pair of trousers.  Thanks to Brussels based menswear label, Chauncey and their Spring 2011 collection, I might attempt to get an early start on the trend.


"I Love You Michael"

There's something in me that's pretty upset that I don't have one of those "action" figures.

Sergio [Wonder]

Living Images...

Since my recent research project, I've been incredibly obsessed with everything that seems to be otherworldly. This editorial shot by Tim Peterson for Madame's June 2010 issue gives me everything I need to get stuck within a daydream.

Sergio [Wonder]


Lay Low...

Tell me what you think...

Sergio [Wonder]

Bin It!

What I wouldn't give to be photographed by Terry Richardson. This image from Rolling Stone's Summer issue speaks volumes.

Sergio [Wonder]


iFound: Corey Nathaniel

I've come to believe that no matter what standards the world may set, if you've possess something great, it should speak for itself. Which is why I've come to share model Corey Nathaniel. After viewing his recent body of work, it's evident that he's a force that should be watched closely.

Sergio [Wonder]


I Gets Money

Someting for a really sunny day. Tell me what you think?

Sergio [Wonder]

"The Dollies" by Curtis Brant

The League [of Extraordinary Gentlemen] had a full day last week with [model] twins Sasha and Sable Boykin. Of course, if you plan to spend the day with photographer Curtis Bryant, and Editor James Fields, you're definitely expecting a great time. It's safe to say that I'm looking forward to the next photoshoot.

Sergio [Wonder]



This is a pretty fly piece to be worn with your casual day-wear. Maybe even something to be paired with your blazer for a night out.
What do you think?

Sergio [Wonder]

Do You Know The Muffin Man?

There a couple jackets from Bottega Veneta's Spring/Summer 2011 collection that I have my eye on. The palette really spoke to me and so did everything else. I think it's safe to say that I'm moved by fashion.

Sergio [Wonder]


Fall Down...

Aside from being stuck to one end of a sewing machine, you can also find me on Twitter. Follow me here.

Sergio [Wonder]

Touch Me!

The Good ol' days

Sergio [Wonder]

Janelle Monae

There's not much that I can say about the iconoclastic artist Janelle Monae that hasn't already been said. I do miss the days when people would tell their own stories. Thanks to Monae, those days aren't too far away. One thing goes without having to say....that this photograph of her is beyond breathtaking.

Sergio [Wonder]