Only Sinners Live

There's always some part of a woman that wants to be bad. In fact, I know those women! Of course, there's absolutely nothing wrong with lashing out against your normal behavior when it comes to fashion, since it's all about the art of diversity in style. We've gotten a hold of Hell Bellz' Spring 2009 look book, and quite frankly I've never seen anything quite like it that hasn't been cooked by a stylist and their different selections. I find that the image, although altered by a modern touch, possess one of the 80's. It's says everything among the midst of " I'm Ms. Behave, pleasure to have met you....". I can see that Hellz has a bright and prominent future here on Runway Wonderland.

Oh.. But yes...

So I've never seen a leather "vest" like this before (sue me!). And now that I have, I feel prepared for love and marriage! The possibilities!!! Oh the possibilities for this Gestuz piece seem to be an endless story in my mind. Wonderland is a great place right now. 

Life is Good

Play In The Minds Of Greatness

I know I already touched on Mick Jagger being my new Super Hero earlier this month.... but here we are, staring into the eyes of a man who was great in all he did. Even when he got caught up in the drug bust... he spoke. In some cases, when it comes to certain artists and productions...I could care less what is seen before the cameras. What matters most to me, is the process and what builds up to the actual finished product. Seeing this photo of Mick really shows me that the dude had more intimate side of him that he was unafraid to portray. I need not mention how ridiculously fresh that leather jacket looks on him. Jagger Rules!

It's Time For Fly

Yet another Borsalino watch has sent me running with a gasm (figure it out). You really can show up to any daytime event has have the circles bowing. This is well appreciated.



Chair One

Okay, so I'm in the market for a new desk chair and anyone who knows me knows that I cannot simply put just any piece of furniture in my home. Furniture is so personal. You have to live, eat and sleep with it. Besides those things, the furniture in your home should also speak volumes about your personal design taste and aesthetic. This chair called Chair One is by Konstantin Grcic (no, I did not misspell that). I've been in love with it for quite sometime now but I'm torn between it and the classic Verner Panton Chair by Vitra.

Damir Doma

If there's any guy out there who's like me then he loves accessories. But not just any accessory. An artfully crafted accessory. These particular accessories are by Croatian-born designer and fashion brand Damir Doma. They speak to me.

I Challenge You to a Duel

Even though I may not be frequently into the techs... there's comes a time when we all have to make decisions on what gadgets best suit our image and lifestyle. One of our loyal readers, Sincere, asked us at Runway Wonderland to state our placement on the iPhone versus the Blackberry as to which one would be considered the more fashionable of the two. Since our very own Seneca owns the iPhone and swears by it... we decided to utilize our powers for good and publicize our reasons.

"It's the iPhone hands down no matter what," Seneca believes, "but if we're just going on most fashionable, it's definitely the iPhone. Almost every big house caters to the iPhone market by making iPhone cases, i.e. Prada (which I have), Hermes, and LV (Which comes in Monogram, Epi Leather, Taiga Leather or Alligator). No fashion house caters to the Blackberry. Blackberry is for the "suits" even though Blackberry is trying to change that image, iPhone will always be younger and more hip. iPhone has more apps catered to fashion as well. I have a "ShopStyle" app on my phone. There's a "Style.com" app. Chanel has a free app. Ralph Lauren has an app. A lot of fashion mags have apps. Even Lady Gaga has a "Be Like Lady Gaga" app where you can upload pictures and dress the subjects up like her (I know, it's crazy). And I could go on and on with why iPhone is way more fashionable than Blackberry."

Even though I also believe that the Blackberry is more geared towards the corporate American who has to crunch his or her number every hour (on the hour)... there's still hope. They've recently released the Blackberry Storm that is supposedly able to do all that the iPhone is capable of doing. However it's still probably not a big enough step to being as fashionable as the iPhone.


Get Dressed

This editorial shot by Andrew Yee for the The Financial Time Magazine is truly everything that a woman could desire during a financial crisis. The range of looks can almost be for any woman for any event and needless to say that model, Sisilee Lopez is doing her look justice! At this point of the game... my only words are.. "What recession?" 


Left Face...

We've seen Beyonce do it and we've also seen the attempts of Rhianna, but nothing will come close to this jewel encrusted military jacket by Balmain. Of  course you can't just be anyone and throw this on... you must be the LifeStyler that we've been talking about as of late. There's just no other way!


Where Is The Hero?

Italian based designer, Giorgio Brato has created a hand made and painted shoe collection designated solely for the chick who despise the polished image. You can still be stick without replicating the likes of Victoria Beckham (believe it). Since the biggest thing to do is buy clothing  or accessories that appear to have been work already, there should be know objection to his Spring 2009 collection. I dig



Lad Musician

For the fellas like me who like to keep it simple and add a dash of excitement through an accessory or two, there's Lad Musician, the makers of these cool chambray flower brooches. They come in two sizes and three colors (black, navy and gray).

[Love Interest] Ute Ploier

I've gotten on to someone new once again... Ute Ploier. The inspiration for his collection is clearly there and thats what I love most about his Fall 2009 collection. Rough things can be good things!


Be Fly With It!

I have a terrible weakness for feathers and I'm not afraid to admit it. Only God knows how I came across these "Feather 549" brooches and apparently only He knows who the originating designer is as well, since the designer was listed as "anonymous" at the Cooper Hewitt Shop. What I do know is that the brooches should arrive at my doorstep in 5 to 10 business days.

I'm into it

I Can't Deny It!

I may not be a crazy, die-hard fan for the flip-flop since commoners resort to that form of footwear with EVERYTHING IN THEIR CLOSET.... but this here sandal-boot by my new love, Raphael Young, definitely gets my respects. What makes me even happier, is that the dude indulges his talents with men's wear too! I always knew God loved me.



Liquid Lamp

The Liquid Lamp is by designer, Kouichi Okamoto and is made from iron plate. It is available in wall or table versions.

So EmBRACEable

These suspenders (or as the Brits call them, braces) are by Wrath Arcane. It's like someone from the Mad Max Thunderdome future shipped them to us in a time machine. 
However, the styling of this model's clothing does nothing to compliment the suspenders. But these braces could be quite nice with the right articles of clothing. Anything from Johannes Faktotum or Robert Geller would do them better justice.


It's so simple. It's so smooth. It's so necessary this BILLYKIRK tote in natural.