[I'm A LifeStyler] I Live Love

I'm more than proud to continue the LifeStyle project with my good friend and fellow stylist, Trinity Bailey. If there would be anyone who can understand just the concept of it all, it's Trinity who lives her her life stylishly in Altadena, California. 

Claim to fame? 
Wardrobe Stylist

What inspires you to be a LifeStyler? 
Different cultures, places, and nature.

Who is your style icon? 
ME.... Toot Toot! 

Describe your ideal vacation:      
warm weather, water, sand,and  my man.

Ideal place to eat (or meal)?
I'm a sushi fanatic or seafood.

What are you rockin this season? 
My brown croc boots with pretty much EVERYTHING... Especially dresses.  You would think I only own one pair of shoes. Its my signature Bohemian princess look with a  hint of Grunge.

You won't be caught dead in?
I believe that as a stylist I  have the capability to work with just about anything
and make it  work in some form or fashion.

More important? Shoes/Bag?

Where are you in 5-10 years? 
Married with weCLAP (changing lives,  attitudes, and perceptions)  me and my husband's music
business  company successfully established and maybe another
child. Maybe;)

When you're not working, you're.....? 
Hanging with family

Any random info you'd like people to know?
 Be on the look out for  my new music company weCLAP. Our emphasis will be on music 
placement, publishing, and digital sales.


Karen said...

Cool... thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

looove her hair