Brown Sugar

I've previously expressed growing my love for snakeskin on footwear and accessories and since Alejandro Ingelmo's S/S 2009 collection is dripping with it, I can't help but fantasize about his works day in and day out. Earlier last month we released a write up on his snakeskin and suede high-tops that seemed to have ruled the world. I can actually say that I adore the low tops as well since I think I may already own a pair similar to these that I bought back in college. Either way... These are kept fresh



Jo Blow? said...

Woooowwwwwwwwwwwww STOP IT! NOW!

Mikey said...

U know what!

*flips table and storms out*

Sincere said...


Enough said.LOL

I truely truely hate you.LMAO.Not really.You're awesome.You're gonna make me broke if I find half the shoes you posted on the site.LOL