This Time I Want It Al

To see things and acknowledge them for something new and valuable to one's wardrobe is a gift that not many can possess. Hence why there's so few trendsetters in every 500 mile radius. You wouldn't necessarily be going directly against the trends with luxary men's wear designer, Claude Grant... you'd just be creating new ones while the older ones are still living. Grant's Fall 2009 collection is nothing like I've seen on this season's catwalk. It has it's own space to make love in someone's closet, and of course there's so much to be said about one who decides to takes the courage to be stylishly independent. I'm most appreciative of the two harem-like trousers (which just happen to be my newest craze), and his creatively made wovens. With this image, it's clear that there no time like the present. 


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Mikey said...

Oh wow! So it really is the death of the beefy gym male models.