[W June Issue] Michele Graglia

So for all my Runway Wonderland loyal readers, last month I posted a blog about Steven Klein and how my friend had just flew in to NY to shoot with him. Well Here are the photos of Michele Graglia of Major NY. Come to Find out the shoot was for W magazine alongside actress Ginnifer Goodwin it cant get no hotter than this. Word is that michele is becoming a hot commodity and has stars like Britney Spears requesting to shoot with him, cant wait to see that unfold. Naughty is in and Im loving this shoot! Pick up the June issue of W, they are rocking the hottest threads. Michele keep doing your thing see you at the top :-)


Mikey said...

Nice shoot!

But i fear the question of "what are they wearing?" has been far over powered by the question of "What the hell are they doing?"

I wish your friend much success!

Jack E said...

oh but this is fire hot!