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Even though I still haven't satisfied my strong cravings for my Ralph Lauren Slippers (report to March Archives), I'm glad brands like Acne Jeans are giving me a decent substitute. This is shoe is basic perfection for any look you'd wanna pull. I dig!

Kept Fresh



Charlie Brown said...

oh okay

::: pleasantly nods :::

Sincere said...

Now i'ma be honest when the plimsole craze started.I actually wanted to vomit.Everybody was wearing them.And even wearing them dirty as hell.Yeah I know that was/is the trend but to have a white shoe so dirty...should be punishable by death...well maybe not death but maybe a swift kick up the ass.So yeah anyway i aint like the shoes.But this shoe here...this shoe right here...WHAT!?!?!?!?I lovvvve it.I want a pair.Of course they'll always stay a crisp white color no matter what.LOL.

You know you love a shoe when outfits that you'd wear with it start flashing into your head.LMAO