[Love Interest] Unconditional PT. 2

Anything that takes place around the neck area normally sends me into a (fashion) sexual frenzy that involves deep breaths and a couple moans and groans. So when I experienced Unconditional's Fall 2009 collection, needless to say, I was tremendously excited for a perfectly good reason. Though I was really anti-black for this fall's color palette, this particular brand seems to deliver the actual image as opposed to just choosing the color for any old garment. The slight clean bad-girl image is definitely something that can be desired at any point or place. Specifically, what made my gasm extra special was the sleeveless trench with the exaggerated collar. DEATH I SAY! (aka... killer image).  There is absolutely no doubt that with global warming sitting on our front porches, there will be a couple of these blowing in the breeze.

I dig

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