Without You...

You have remember me commending my friend and new found inspiration (in life), Mustang Sally on Runway Wonderland before. As of late, Sally has decided to make a major change that many folks today are afraid to make.... she got a major haircut!


I had yet another pleasure to speak with Sally and ask her what pried her to make such a change. I can say with confidence the response was truly astounding. She proceeded in telling me that "it was time. you know? I've been growing a lot, getting rid of things, people, ways, and God is teaching me fearlessness. The best way to start was to do something every woman is afraid to do [because of what people will say about her]. what's funny is that even though I should be ugly in terms of what people define "beauty" as, I've never gotten more compliments in my entire life. Its amazing!" Of course, I was one of the ones who complimented her on her new do since I bow down to women with short cuts. Once again, Ms. Sally has given me the courage to take charge of the fears in my life.


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