I'm glad that it's socially acceptable for men to carry bags now (even though society NEVER dictates my style).  I mean what kind of backwards society is it anyway that says that it is okay for a male to carry a bag through grade school and all the way through college but he must stop immediately after unless carrying a stuffy old briefcase?  

With that little ranting session behind me I can now introduce you to Aristolasia.  These two particular bags by Aristolasia are perfect for me because they exemplify the minimal side of my fashion aesthetic. Now normally I would tell you guys where to hunt them down but since these bags are so darn affordable I won't divulge the information until I've gotten mine.  I know it's not nice but any person who can operate a keyboard can find these (and several others by Aristolasia) online easily.  And never fear ladies, Aristolasia makes bags for you as well.  Happy hunting!


Jo Blow? said...

the bottom one is made like the 80's Brio bags wow its sick!!!!

Jack E said...

oohhh you've just made me THE happiest man in LA!
the hunt is on

Sergio Wonder said...

I'm just madly jealous right now.. but.. I'm so amped to see you rock it