Just Unworthy.

Swedish fashion brand, Lagom has released their Spring 2011 lookbook. I'm quite pleased with each statement, especially the sandals. Agree?

Sergio [Wonder]


Last Night.

Florsheim by Duckie Brown.
You Like? 

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Illustration  by Clayton Junior 

Sergio [Wonder]

Sweeter Plagues.

I must say, that I'm really into this jacquard vest by White Mountaineering. With a pair of khakis and maybe rugged boy-boots... I can see the look being completed. 

Sergio [Wonder] 

My Place...Is Home.

I love everything that can be associated with a bright colored shoe. Thanks to Grenson, I embrace it! 

Sergio [Wonder]

Look At Me.

Belgian designer, Damir Doma is definitely the type of image-savvy brand that goes against what the industry demands. Although I'm the type of person that loves a more tailored fit, what I particularly love about his S/S 2011 collection is the freedom of it's message [and the footwear of course]. Although fall has literally just arrived, I'll be patiently awaiting spring to roll around. 

Sergio [Wonder]  


Love Interest: Chrissie Morris

One can always appreciate an innovative shoe designer like Chrissie Morris. Her stingray and neoprene open-toe booties set my entire psyche on fire. Get into it!

Sergio [Wonder]

No Rain!

Ostrich skin hobo made by Celine 

Sergio [Wonder]

Reach My Telephone!

Vintage earrings brought to you by Girl Props. Dig it?

Sergio [Wonder] 

"Leave Me Alone"

Finnish designer Daniel Palillo has the type of mind that creates on the edge. Although it might be a little dark, but I'm pretty fond of the shapes. Dig?

Sergio [Wonder]

Slip Ons...

Is this your Dolce Vita skirt? Claim it!

Sergio [Wonder]

Walk In The Park...

I adore any woman who isn't afraid of a little color. Thanks to Meredith Wendell and her tartan plaid handbag, dreams can come true. 

Sergio [Wonder]


Love Is Lost.

Now that the weather has dropped, Henrik Vibskov has provided us with a snippy French cardigan. I adore the color contrast and its classic fit. Don't leave summer without it!

Sergio [Wonder]

Terrible Fixation.

If you haven't heard about Taj Melendez and his accessories, I think it's time you do yourself a favor. Melendez has made it a point to dedicate his creative thoughts and time to designing and constructing a diverse range of brooches for all the trendsetters who stomp the block. I've been in love ever since I've come across his statement pieces and I don't plan on turning back any time soon. 

Sergio [Wonder]

More... More... More!

Once again, Sutor Mentelassi has provided the modern gentleman with a classic leather accessory. One shouldn't live without it. 

Sergio [Wonder] 

Love Update: Carin Wester

 I'm still a huge Carin Wester fan, simply because she see beyond the needs of men's wear and chooses what she'll offer the industry. I think it's pretty obvious why I'm so excited about her A/W 2010 collection... give me a cropped trouser and I'm on board!

Sergio [Wonder]

Such A Love As This.

A blazer is something that should be found in every modern gentleman's wardrobe. Something like tailored sports coat by Billionaire Boys Club is a pretty spiffy rendition of a classic. Don't be afraid to pair it with your cropped denim trousers and a loafer. 

Sergio [Wonder]

Give Someone Your Love.

Its seems that at this point I'm hopelessly in love with every type of Yuketen boot. Am I wrong?

Sergio [Wonder]