Fight the Good Fight!

I was getting dressed this morning and had a slight issue with my footwear closet. "I could really use a pair of loafers right now," I
said, but then figured that that was just a trained reaction. We, as fashion readers, have been softly conditioned to believe that a loafer will solve our problems (lol, yeah right!). So since we've been seeing an increase in boat shoes and loafers this season, I've decided to taking things a step further (literally, with no pun intended).

The men's slipper has great potential to be the next big trend in footwear. Being that dudes are [already] walkin' around wearing keds, snoxfords, and flat comfortable shoes, I strongly believe that this was the direction we're headed (so why not be one of the first?) Though it
remains exclusive to Tom Ford and Ralph Lauren...I'm sure it'll trickle down to brands that accommodate to a wider LIFESTYLE.

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Anonymous said...

u know what. i almost had to call you crazy, but i can totally see you setting the trend after i see you pull it together.

dont disappoint me nigga!