Get Naked!

Watching Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model last night, I noticed that I can really live without all the drama that comes with these reality tv shows. ESPECIALLY since Tyra has now proclaimed herself to be the
"Goddess of Fierce" (wtf?!). After 11 cycles of following her "judgement", Its taken the 12th one for me to notice that she's a control freak since she kept ordering the girls to remove their accessories and/or articles of clothing. I'm not do sure I see the point her asking them to do that during panels.

With all that being said. I don't remember much any of the girls name just yet, But Sandra must get kicked off soon. After bombing her runway challenge, and murdering her photo shoot (in a literal sense), she still lives too proudly in her own world. (Safe to say, I'm over it).


Charlie Brown said...

as much as I'd love to disagree with you. its hard. I love tyra and her purpose in the industry. But shes beginning to dance on some nerves. She's just trying to hard. I think I liked her better when she was just a model. lol

carlie said...


Betty said...

i almost wannt put the show on strike! but i just wanna see the potential , thats all

Sara Reid said...

this ms. j character is quite annoying? when is she going to replace him?