On the Sunshine

A true lady should never be left without an ample supply of accessories, especially when it comes down to hats. Jeffrey Portman has proved himself to be the king of Millinery design that won't have you styled like a natural disaster. Portman's Camp has made it clear that Jeffrey "combines his passion for traditional millinery skills with a unique sense of directional fashion, to produce captivating collections that are immaculately executed and strikingly contemporary". We had the pleasure of briefly speaking with the noted designer and low and behold... the mind behind the vision. 

RW: Why Millinery? 
JP:  It's not easy to pin point an exact reason, but have always liked the modification aspect of headwear; being able to amend and transform, also hat as object, hat as idea..I love the high quality workmanship and skills involved... and especially the eureka moment when an idea appears.

RW: Are there any designers (millinery or clothing) that Inspire you?
JPI am a huge fan of Maison Martin Margiela whose philosophy I really enjoy; influenced also by makeshift way's of dressing which I see in my neibourhood - Dalston and turning these into high fashion...I'm currently working on a commission for actress Audrey Tatou, whom I've alway's felt has a great, chic and soft french style, so she is an influence becoming the finale of the process.

RW:When you're not designing, what would one find you doing? 
JPThe usual stuff..art, creative events, books and hanging out with friends, oh, and love too...of course.. 

We've yet to see what Jeffrey has worked up for Fall 2009, but we're totally excited and at the edge of our plush seating (lol) Could he possibly be added to our list of [Love Interests] ? Stay Tuned


betty said...

this guy is seriously on his game! where'd you find him?

Carlie said...

i likes! would accent my style!