We Support Alex & Eli

Being that I started out designing women's wear, I have a strong appreciation for those who posses the gift to modernize the silhouette of a lady. Alex & Eli have gotten our attention with the fresh, clean lines that have a younger twist to their garments. Although immaculately tailored, they forgive the shape and lighten the attitude of a woman. Anna Zeman and Aja Singer (the brains behind the brand) have dedicated their talents to the woman who desires the higher level of sophistication. And let's face it, we all want to be classy, don't we?
Freshly Kept


Vivian said...

Talent..I see it and I love it. Those lines seem to compliment a tall slim frame. Most be very lovely on the catwalk.

Mikey said...

Please tell me thats not jersey?

Anonymous said...

and so does this!