If I see ONE MORE protruded shoulder...I'm gonna move to another galaxy! Okay, it's not exactly that I'm against it's art, or even that I'm (extremely) annoyed by its shape (cuz I kinda like it just a little)... but it's hopping from catwalk to catwalk! WTF! AND THEN, what makes me ask the bigger question is... (and that question is...) "WHO ARE THESE FOLKS DESIGNING FOR? Honestly! Btw ::: in a monotonous voice ::: the collection you've seen above was designed and constructed by Roksanda Ilincic. (LOL)


charlie Brown said...

its like making clothes for the shoulders on cone-heads. what the hell is up with that?

carlie said...

gee idk, the exaggarated shoulder has caught my eye. But i agree, some designers, just took it out of context,

Sara Reid said...

but can't you see you're dream chick at a mean event in one of these? Just One?