Shorts, Polos, Socks...Tighties

Things must be pretty bad when a business (such as a Laundromat) has to
post signs that blatantly say "No smoking! No Alcohol! No Drugs!". You
would probably think that it would be common sense to not do things that
you do behind closed doors (that happened to be illegal) far from a
family operation.

After being greeted by such signage (lol), I spent an unusual amount
time alone in the Laundromat (yes, I was the only one there after
midnight), thinking about the state of where we all stand in relation
to each other. I know its kind of a difficult (maybe even weird) subject
to touch, I kept thinking whether or not I influence those in my life
positively, and more importantly.... how seriously they take me.
Unfortunately I didn't have such a great answer to the series of
questions I kept asking. We all get a brief wake up call at some point
in our lives. I just happened to get mine while trying to get my clothes

Do I answer or do I send the call to voicemail?

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