Pause for Celebration!

...Followers and counting! Can I hear ya say Woot!?!

We see you ladies and gents. Though I think it should be noted that you all are less "followers" and more like Special Guests at our very entertaining (and never ending) Tea Party in Wonderland.

On behalf of RW, thanks for the love and support... lawd knows we need some more of that floating around the Universe.

And many thanks to Sergio Wonder, Seneca and Joana for inviting me to contribute to this masterpiece and being 3 amazingly talented individuals who I hope to be trekking the NYC pavement with someday... ((stares dreamily into the heavens))

- K R A V E N


Sergio Wonder said...

You sir, are magnificent! This post is just we need to hit 60 followers! Kraven you rock my stars!

JusBHawk said...

Woot Woot!! :)